New Release: Scouting For Girls - Christmas In The Air (Tonight)

December 18, 2015 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Well look who is back, bringing the festive cheer... Well technically they never went away, they've still been releasing music, yet they haven't charted since 2013, and even then it wasn't inside the top 40... So in theory, they are back, but probably not back to the UK singles charts, since this isn't doing particularly well on the iTunes chart. Although I don't know why as I'm loving this song, it's ever so catchy. This becomes my New Release this week under my Christmas Special 2015. Scouting For Girls show us what Christmas is all about in 2015, with this amazing, laid back, relaxing type of music video.

Scouting For Girls are making their debut on my blog today, surprisingly. They are a three piece band consisting of Roy Stride, Greg Churchouse and Pete Ellard. They have had a string of hits including "She's So Lovely", "Elvis Ain't Dead", "Heartbeat", "Love How It Hurts" and number one single "This Ain't A Love Song". Despite that, they have been dropping off the radar on the singles chart here in the UK, however their albums are consistently doing well on the albums chart, despite people unaware of new singles. The song is worthy of being in the UK chart, it's instantly catchy and I was singing the lyrics before I even knew them. This song needs a lot more exposure, if it's got any chance of charting on Friday.

The video, directed by Damien Reeves, is gentle to say the least. Filmed in Marlborough, the whole scene has the feel of Christmas.

This band doesn't need any gimmicks, no reindeer, no snow, just a simple town celebrating Christmas. This is usually what happens when people go to city centres, there is no snow or reindeer. It captures the viewers sense of Christmas, and you could just imagine being there.

A performance piece is set into this literal narrative piece. The crowd seems to be enjoying their stage presence, and their connection as they walk down the road is very clear. This is a band that you definitely wouldn't be disappointed to see live, especially outside in a winter's air.

Overall, a great video, that relates perfectly, almost too perfectly, taking certain sentences of the lyrics and creating a scene because of what has been sung, and then paired them together. Too literal, but in a sweet Christmas kind of way, one that isn't as bad as I'm making it out to be. Definitely a catchy Christmas song, that has definitely became one of my top Christmas songs, and a video I wouldn't mind seeing again and again, well done on capturing the Christmas spirit in a music video.
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