New Release: Wretch 32 Featuring Anne-Marie & PRGRSHN - Alright With Me

11 December Critic Jonni 0 Comments

NOW this is a TUNE! First time hearing it, and first time watching this music video, and it's a HIT! But will it chart? That is the question, according to iTunes it's not looking so well. Could this be due to not enough exposure and promotion? A catchy chorus performed beautifully by Anne-Marie, a Wretch 32 song that is worth listening to over and over again, PRGRSHN makes the track perfect, and a brilliant video to boot, that should be shown everywhere to stop people stereotyping others because of their race and the way they look.

Wretch 32, real name Jermaine Sinclair, has had hit after hit here in the UK, he got to number one with "Don't Go" which features Josh Kumra, as well as number two with "Unorthodox" which features Ed Sheeran. He has shown versatility with this song, and having it next to his other most recent singles on his new album will definitely make him shine. Anne-Marie provides the vocals for the chorus, she is one to watch for 2016, having toured with the likes of Rudimental, she is ready to hit the world. This collaboration should be getting her name out there, but if it charts low, she'll have a lot of work to do to get a charting hit. Ed Sheeran is apparently a fan of her. As for PRGRSHN, real name Ras Kassa Alexander, he has quite a lot of followers on his soundcloud account, he's a producer and he's worked with Rudimental and Josh Record, again he is another new star, is he one to watch? With a song like this? Quite possibly. This song was co-written with Emeli Sandé. I could so imagine her vocals on this, however Anne-Marie was definitely the better choice, although I would like to hear an Emeli Sandé version, who's vocals would definitely have made sure this song charted. Hopefully the song will advance on iTunes soon and get a good charting position as it clearly deserves it.

I love this video, I love everything about it. I love how it's misleading in the first few scenes, making the viewer stereotype the people in it, it's awful how we can just presume something like this without even thinking it through. Anne-Marie shines, she has a super sexy look, and she is a vision, what a way to make an impact, she has definitely gained a lot more fans thanks to this video. Wretch 32, doesn't fade into the background either, and doesn't let Anne-Marie be the spotlight. Such a perfect collaboration.

The narrative is amazing, it tricks viewers into thinking something bad is either happening or about to happen. I feel some scenes were cut out, and I don't get the man and the child bit. I love the fact that the guy is running with a bag and a police woman is running after him, later we find out he was late for his graduation, hence why he's trying to get there on time, the policewoman is his lover. Then there's the kids with the old woman, it's the cutest, most adorable scene that I fell in love with from the first viewing, it makes me question how many kids actually would do such a thing.

This song should be a charting hit, but it doesn't look like this will happen. The video is amazing, brilliant and perfect. It's surprising and fits with the song effortlessly, these guys are misunderstood by many people, including the viewers watching, without a full story we normally fill in the blanks; this video tells us how wrong we can be, and it's a video I'll keep on remembering. Watch out for Anne-Marie, she's a star in the making!
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