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12 December Critic Jonni 0 Comments

What have I seriously just watched. Miley Cyrus what are you doing to me? What are you doing with your life? Is this for real? Is this even serious? If this is who she is now, then please change soon. I just can't deal with this music video, although I have to admit the song isn't as bad. Collaborating with The Flaming Lips front man, Wayne Coyne; Miley Cyrus has turned herself into an adult baby, taking a few of the lyrics seriously and creating a wild, stupid, unforgivable and yet extraordinarily out of her friken mind of a music video. A round of applause, she has once again got everybody talking about her and her music videos, way to jump back into the limelight.

I have been a fan of Miley Cyrus, real name Destiny Cyrus, since "See You Again" first got released, since then I have followed her career, and I commemorate her and Justin Bieber. They both know exactly what they're doing, creating headlines here, there and everywhere, which is soaring their popularity. There is no such thing as bad publicity right? Especially when it helps these stars rake in at number one over and over again. This song was written by Miley Cyrus herself, and I actually like it, it's quirky different but works well as a song, surprisingly. It's off her fifth studio album called Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz, which she released on her website for FREE streaming, whether it will finally be released on iTunes, is a whole different matter, since this is a side project that she worked with with The Flaming Lips. You can listen to the album by clicking here.

First off, this has had a lot of criticism to claims that it is a copy of Melanie Martinez's "Dollhouse". Personally, I can see similarities, yet similarities are in nearly every music video created, and yet they are totally different, this is a pure performance piece, and is more of a weird Alice In Wonderland sort of video.

Miley Cyrus is dressed as an adult baby, and does baby things, well, sort of. I wouldn't say smoking out of a dummy is high on list of priorities for babies. Although I have to love the choreography sequence, which Miley Cyrus performs perfectly and in sync at the right times. It reminds me of the teddy bears used in the "We Can't Stop" music video.

Overall, out of the ordinary weird, so much so I can't cope. I will hopefully never have to watch this again due to it's bizarreness. Miley Cyrus fails in making me want to see her live, especially if she's dressed up as a baby, not my sort of thing. However a true vision of a representation of the lyrics, taking and using them literally. Leaving me indecisive on a rating, so let's go down the middle.
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