Christina Milian Featuring Snoop Dogg - Like Me

02 January Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Christina Milian is OFFICIALLY back in the music industry. She has only just released her EP, which this song is on, and WOW, this is a hit, if it gets the popularity it definitely deserves. Christina Milian proves you don't knock her down, in this sexy, classy and stylish music video, you won't find anyone better.

Christina Milian has had a nice little break from the music industry. I have followed her career since she first came out with "Am To Pm", I loved "Dip It Low" and I've watched a few of her films. I'm not a massive fan, but I do go out of my way, when I can, to listen to her music, to watch her films and TV Shows, and I am aware of her wines Viva Diva and her clothing range We Are Pop Culture. I also follow her on Snapchat. This song was released on her four-track EP called 4U, it was originally called Like Me with five tracks. EP's are usually a snippet to give to fans to excite them for upcoming music. Although Christina Milian has a lot going on right now, I am really hoping a new album is on the horizon, as we need Christina Milian batting out chart hits once again. Featuring on this track is Snoop Dogg, real name Calvin Broadus Jr. He is a classy, relaxed rapper. He's made it and yet he still performs with style. Although my only problem with this song is that he ends the song. Christina Milian should've repeated the chorus one last time, after his final rap.

Directed by Mike Ho. This music video could've been flawless. It's full of style, imagination and perfection, yet there is one crucial problem and it just gets worse towards the end, but I am so going to overlook it as this should've been a masterpiece.

Full of narrative, the video is off to a good start. Promotion for We Are Pop Culture and Viva Diva is not only unsurprising but something we've seen done before, Avril Lavigne's "What The Hell" definitely comes to mind. The video is set in Milian Heiress Inc., a fictional workplace where Christina Milian is the boss. The start and the opening reminds me a lot of The Saturdays' "Notorious".

The video continues with Christina Milian making important decisions, in her office, in the meeting room, clearly decisions for Viva Diva and We Are Pop Culture. There is also advertising for Christina Milian Turned Up, which is a documentary reality TV series on E! channel.

The twins are included throughout, these twins have been popping up in a few music videos recently, so it'll be interesting where the future will lead them to. The performance piece is flawless, Christina Milian is looking sexy, stylish and with attitude, boy this is what you're missing and you ain't getting it back. Snoop Dogg, is looking smart and dapper, and is definitely enjoying Christina Milian beside him.

The dance choreography is faultless, but here comes the main problem with the video. In this bit, especially, the camera has too much movement. I have no clue what the cameraman was doing, he could have been battling the wind, but there doesn't look like there's any gusts of wind whatsoever. So why was the camera shaking so badly? This messes the entire dance choreography up, and some of Christina Milian's lyrics doesn't match her lips in this clip, this definitely knocks this video down. Was the cameraman dancing along? Something was clearly going wrong.

Overall, this was supposed to be polished to perfection, and it is stunningly beautiful. But the camera at the end just messes the entire video up. Just when she's about to the finish the video with a bang, with perfect choreography, the camera ruins it, yet I'll only knock one star off. I remember her recording the video because she constantly updated her Snapchat story at the time, as well as releasing snippets of the song. If you're not following her yet, you need to start! What should've been a sensational video, drops slightly due to stupid camera movement and editing.
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