Alexandra Stan - I Did It, Mama!

February 03, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Alexandra Stan is back! I have to admit I wasn't so keen on this song, but it easily gets stuck in my head. She seems to be releasing a new album, which I cannot wait for! Alexandra Stan proves she is much more sultry than her saxobeat days! Proclaiming she did it, mama! She found love, and she's releasing amazing music! I am hoping she becomes prominent again.

Alexandra Stan first became an international success with her song "Mr. Saxobeat", unfortunately she didn't maintain her success in the UK even though her hit song is still played on the radio today. I believe she is ready for a comeback, she just needs the right song that will become promoted around the world, but much like Inna, she doesn't get the recognition in the UK, she so clearly deserves. This song was written by Marcel Botezan, Sebastian Barac, J-Son, Eric Turner, David Ciente and Alexandra Stan.

The music video was directed by Bogdan Daragiu. It is quite provocative, very Miley Cyrus. I could definitely see Miley Cyrus in this music video, however Alexandra Stan pulls this off, whereas I believe Miley Cyrus wouldn't have been able to.

Sultry and sexy, Alexandra Stan shows off as some sort of dominatrix in this video. A far cry from what we know of her past, after being beaten up by her manager and then boyfriend. In this video she proves she is strong that she will never let a man rule her ever again.

The video is mainly a performance piece, although a narrative would've been perfect for this video. The choreography is performed well, however it's not so technical as we expected, on the other hand it's more complicated compared to her first few singles, but we've seen her perform so much better.

I cannot wait for her album to drop, I just hope we don't have to wait too long. She needs another worldwide hit, one that will give her prominence here in the UK again, one which will keep her in our charts. Although a good catchy song, the music video fails to keep some people engaged, she performs well but we've seen her do better.
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