Alexandra Stan - Lollipop (Param Pam Pam)

February 04, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

It's Thursday, so it's revisit time, after much deliberating, I chose Alexandra Stan, because I could, and I also believe her debut single is definitely catchy if extremely sexualised. The video is extremely low-budget and definitely doesn't help her in any way. Alexandra Stan attempts to be sexy and sultry in this terrible music video, she pulls it off to a very slight extent, but as a whole this is best left to be forgotten.

I have been a fan of Alexandra Stan since her international debut single, "Mr. Saxobeat", was released here in the UK. I was hoping this song would get released before her album dropped, but it never did. "Get Back (ASAP)" was released after "Mr. Saxobeat" charted highly, however it didn't take off as much and it was the start of Alexandra Stan's international fame spiralling downwards. I have been hoping she would make a comeback, and although "Thanks For Leaving" was the perfect song for her, after her manager and then boyfriend beat her up, it didn't chart here in the UK. And although her album Unlocked was a much better album than her previous Saxobeats, it too didn't chart. She recently released "I Did It, Mama!", which left a lot to be desired, and yet is ultimately catchy, I'm hoping she will make a big impact soon, as she needs a lot more recognition as she definitely deserves it. This song was written by Andrei Nemirschi and Marcel Prodan, and samples Fergie's song "Fergalicious".

This music video is a complete disaster, on paper it probably sounded all right. And yes it is relatable in a way, but it is awful, everyone has to admit that!

We all know that Alexandra Stan can pull off sexy and sultry, I can't name the amount of times she's done it in the videos following this one, yet I believe she fails to do just that in this one because it's her debut music video, luckily for her, this only gave her recognition in Romania and wasn't shown on many international music channels. "Mr. Saxobeat" will always be her international debut song and music video, and that is the image we have of her when people mention her name; not this, definitely not this.

I don't even know what else to comment on. She just looks uncomfortable, and even the two dancers with her aren't that into this music video either. It's definitely not something I'd go out of my way to watch again, although the song is extremely catchy and is currently stuck in my head, but I'd rather forget this video ever happened.
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