New Release: DJ Fresh & High Contrast Featuring Dizzee Rascal - How Love Begins

February 05, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

What have I just watched? I'm pretty much dumbstruck at the moment, like seriously, what is this music video? Like I don't get this at all, it's too weird for me. However, nice one Dizzee Rascal, his rap works perfectly in this song and he nails it to a tee! He stands out on this video, even if his inclusion doesn't help the video whatsoever. DJ Fresh and High Contrast come together to take us back in time, yet leaving us shocked by this uninteresting and extremely weird and dated music video, even Dizzee Rascal can't pull this video out of the water.

DJ Fresh, real name Daniel Stein, is a British DJ, and is mostly known for his number one singles "Louder" and "Hot Right Now". He is currently sporting a shockingly new look which contrasts his bleached blonde hair with his dark brown facial hair, that isn't at all appealing. His appearance isn't the only thing that's gone downhill, in my opinion. He has yet to top the UK chart since "Hot Right Now", and has only managed a few top ten singles, whereas the others have missed out on the top 40 altogether. What's happened DJ Fresh? You definitely need to pull something much better than this out of the bag, especially since you have been working on this new album for a few years now. As for High Contrast, he is a Welsh DJ, real name Lincoln Barrett. He has had quite the career over the past decade or so, but he isn't locally famous or popular, and have only had a few charting albums and singles. This could've been the single to push him into the limelight, and yet it doesn't seem to look like it will, I'm pretty sure he can make it on his own, without any help from this song or DJ Fresh. As for Dizzee Rascal, real name Dylan Mills, he has totally made it. If he wants another hit song he can get one when he wants it. He's an international superstar, with four UK number one singles behind his name, he's pretty relaxed, he didn't need this song, he probably just liked it, and to be fair his lyrics works perfect with the song. It was my favourite bit of the entire song purely because he nailed every second of it.

The music video is directed by Scott Cudmore. The idea behind the video is fusing together 80's fitness videos with 80's crime movies. This totally doesn't work, these are two polar opposites shown in the 80's, what was the whole point in fusing them together?

I get that the song is trying to bring back old school music, a lot of people have said it reminds them of Altern-8 songs as well as The Prodigy. However both these groups were not a part of the 80's era, and so I totally don't understand this video apart from taking us back in time.

The fitness side of the video reminds me a bit of Eric Prydz "Call On Me", which is not surprising, when there is people in spandex working out. The entire video is just completely weird, and why put this fitness video scene into a crime movie where the actors are confused as to what is happening? They perform in a jail, court house and police station. It just too weird for my liking.

As for Dizzee Rascal's appearance, it doesn't work either. Dizzee Rascal portrays a news reporter, and he doesn't really get into the role, he is incredibly relaxed and his scene doesn't help to make us understand this video, if anything, it makes it even more weird, is that even possible?

This entire video is a shambles, this fails to relate to the song, even if it is giving off some sort of old school vibe, the 80's fitness and crime vibe is what is present in this video. As for relating to the title of the song... Well I see nothing of substance there either. This song doesn't have much potential even though it probably will chart next Friday, considering the artists involved in the song and their many fans, however I pretty much doubt it will climb high up on the chart. The video fails to give us anything, and I'd rather never to watch it again.
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