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February 21, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

If anyone can relate to Kesha, it's JoJo right? She has already given supported tweets out to Kesha as well as being interviewed about her law suit and how she feels about Kesha's legal battle, even though the situation is much different, it's a similar process. During JoJo's battle, the hashtag #FreeJoJo was trending on Twitter, much like the hashtag for Kesha is; #FreeKesha. JoJo released this online with her EP Agápē, as she was frustrated that she couldn't officially release music. She had recorded plenty of songs and gave plenty of completed albums to her record label, who never got back to her. The record label had changed hands a number of times, leaving it's artists in limbo, it didn't help that the label got dropped from the distributing company. JoJo filed a lawsuit in 2013, and it took a year until she was finally free from her contract with her record company. JoJo looks sexy, relaxed and at home in this music video. The performance side has unimaginable vibes that shows the song means a lot to her.

These are JoJo's tweets in support of Kesha.
JoJo, real name Joanna Levesque, has finally returned to music after her legal battle with her previous record label, and she is stronger than ever, just listen to these songs and watch the accompanying music video; they're powerful and vocally brilliant: "When Love Hurts", "Save My Soul" and "Say Love". Infinitely catchy songs that have got us all excited for her album. This song was inspired by André 3000, JoJo feels that he is someone to admire. Not a direct tribute. The song was written by Joanna Levesque and Jake Schmuggle.

The video was directed by Embryo. It has a narrative and a performance side, and features Leah LaBelle, Karina Pasian, Francia Raisa, Leven Rambin, Denise Janae and JinJoo Lee.

The narrative is interesting as the guy called André tells her to make herself at home in his loft apartment. We watch as she explores his apartment, before going to an art collection reveal event. Where André reveals JoJo as the main art canvas feature.

The performance throughout is strong, you can tell JoJo is a performer at heart, she believes every song she writes, sings and performs. Her new tour is coming to London for one date, and sold out quickly. I just wish I had tickets for the show, because it'll be one amazing show that shouldn't be missed by anyone.

Overall, a nice uplifting song, for once, by one incredible singer. A relatable music video goes with it, with both a perfect narrative and an amazing performance piece. It works perfectly and I can't fault it, although it is pretty predictable that JoJo would be the main featured art piece.
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