Ke$ha - We R Who We R

20 February Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Starting off my #FreeKesha and similar stories special this week, is Kesha, unsurprisingly. She has amassed a tonne of support on social networks around the globe after her injunction has been denied. She is obligated to record six more albums with a guy she claims sexually assaulted her, which Dr. Luke has denied. However, she wasn't looking for justice or punishment, all she asked for is to be released from her contract. We've all seen the photos of her being upset about the verdict, but Kesha is one brave woman, and she will overcome this. Kesha looks like she's having a great time in this music video, being daring and partying hard, it's her only UK solo number one, and I hope she makes a great come back in the next few years.

Ke$ha, real name Kesha Serbert, has got to be strong right now, it's upsetting to see anyone go through what she has gone through. Just looking at her success, three UK number ones, including this song, and many top ten hits. Kesha should be an international star, but with her being caught up in this legal battle, she hasn't been able to release any new music. Surprisingly, this is her biggest chart hit, whereas "TiK ToK" has sold more copies, it only peaked at number four. This song was written by Kesha Serbert, Joshua Coleman, Lukasz Gottwald (Dr. Luke), Jacob Kasher Hindlin (Ammo) and Benjamin Levin (Benny Blanco). The song is to inspire people to be themselves, Kesha hoped it would become a gay anthem.

Directed by Hype Williams, the video is self-appreciated and it's free, which is everything Kesha had hoped for after her trial. She gave us gays an anthem we can sing and shout, because We Are Who We Are, yet all we can give back to her is support through social networks and petitions. We're here for you Kesha, and you know it.

The music video plays on the fact that it's a party anthem, so Kesha attends the party, glammed up and sexy, she is ready to party like no one's watching, and that is all about being who you are, if Kesha wants to dance she can because she's free to do so, or was in this music video. She's not free of her contract, unfortunately.

Apparently famous faces appear in this, but none I can find personally and I can't find concrete references for them either.

I have to talk about the jump, this is pretty well known in this video. We all know Kesha is wacky, so maybe keep her away from the Tequila; jumping off a building isn't anything major for her, although obviously this didn't literally happen, and yet they've pulled it off well, making it look real.

Overall a great song that is empowering for the majority of LGBT+ people out there, as for the music video, it's a main performance piece, that has Kesha giving us great vibes and free emotions, it relates to the song and it looks like it'll never get old. However, I think a small narration would've helped this flow slightly better.
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