Kiesza - Stronger (From Finding Neverland The Album)

14 February Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Today I planned on reviewing Viola Beach, as they have sadly passed away today in Sweden in a fatal car accident. However, a quick look on YouTube tells me that they never released a music video, so I can't review any of their music videos as they don't have any. Today, I'm having a Kiesza day, I've only just discovered her newish song "Give It To The Moment", which doesn't have a music video as of yet, although it is an amazing song. So I've chosen this one from Finding Neverland The Album, and wow she has proved herself with those perfect vocals. Unfortunately, the music video isn't up to scratch. Kiesza performs in some weird dance sequences as she puts her full emotions into singing this highly catchy power ballad of a song, no one could've sung this better, it was made for Kiesza!

Kiesza, real name Kiesa Ellestad, is a Canadian singer who has hit global success with her UK number one smash "Hideaway". Her follow-up singles failed to make such an impact and her chart positions dropped. She has recently gone off the radar. She has been writing a lot and featuring in a few songs here and there, and with "Give It To The Moment" appearing out of nowhere, I'm hoping she's getting ready to make a chart impact soon once again, with her vocal talents, I'm surprised DJs aren't snapping her up here, there and everywhere, or maybe she's too focused on her next album to feature on something big... It's a wait and see sort of game, but she has an amazing talent and she is worthy of global stardom. This song is from Finding Neverland The Album. It's a Gary Barlow found musical which first debuted in Lancaster, but has found it's place in Broadway, and next year it will be in the West End. With songs like this one, I am definitely eager to see it, hopefully in London, but if not I'll definitely go and see it when it gets a UK tour, which is inevitable because of the amazing reviews it has had so far.

This music video is extremely simple, and obviously low-budget. It was directed by Mario Hugo.

With not a lot going on, I haven't got much to comment on. The background and editing techniques used are clever, the use of vines and lines that are both behind her and in front of her isn't anything new, and yet it makes the audience focus on Kiesza alone.

Kiesza's dancing is definitely freestyle, unless this was actually choreographed which looks unlikely. This reminds me a lot of my own freestyle which I do when no ones watching, a few regular dance sequences she repeats which is exactly what happens in a bit of freestyle. It's raw and imaginative, and yet it isn't as powerful as a choreographed sequence might have been. Freestyle is freestyle, it's a bit of a let loose kind of freedom, it's difficult to pull off perfectly as it's what you can come up with on the spot. Kiesza does a good job nonetheless though.

Overall, an amazing song, that is one of many amazing songs that was created by Gary Barlow and Eliot Kennedy that is on Finding Neverland The Album, which I'm currently listening to in full, and it is brilliant! I'm so glad I've bought it. However I wish the music videos of the songs was part of the musical or at least relate to it in some way. This is an okay performance piece but it doesn't do anything that interests me into watching it again, other than listening to Kiesza's amazing vocals on this track.
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