Vanessa White - Don't Wanna Be Your Lover

13 February Critic Jonni 0 Comments

While we await for The Saturdays to come off their hiatus, we have the lovely Vanessa White soloing, creating her own small waves in the music industry, and what a way to start! Soulful, energetic, emotional and sexy, Vanessa White exudes confidence in this fun little song and music video that has got us all screaming for more.

Vanessa White is one fifth of girl group The Saturdays, who have established themselves as one of the most successful girl groups in the UK. At the moment they are on a break so they can all follow their own lives, with various members doing their own things, although it has been reported that they have new music to be released this year. Vanessa White is the first to go solo since the group's hiatus, and it looks like Mollie King will be following in her footsteps soon, although Una Healy released a solo EP before the band got together. Vanessa White is gearing up to release her EP next week, and this song is one of my favourites released so far. The song is so catchy and I can imagine the thoughts behind the single.

Directed by Kristian Young, the video is mostly performance based with a subtle narrative that works well with the song.

Vanessa White is looking sexy and adorably confident in this music video. She shows how great she would be live on stage, and with that gifted voice, she is an artist that you'd definitely want to see in person.

Just as I get comfortable to the music video, and reckon there isn't much more to it, whilst the guy is sitting down on the chair as she explains to him that she don't wanna be his lover, she's just looking for a friend and a bit of a fun time, the video surprises me with amazing contemporary dancing that is magical.

The dancing reminds me of Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself", it's perfect and performed to an exact point. Vanessa White proves herself here, that even though she is in one of the hottest girl groups from the UK, she is just as good all by herself. This guy is that little bit too tall for her, but the choreography has taken this into account and the dancing is just perfect. I just wish there was more of it, and I was there in person to watch this chemistry fuelled sequences performed. Vanessa White, and whoever the mystery guy is (if anyone knows his name please comment below), pulls this off amazingly. I hope to see more of Vanessa White dancing in her future music videos.

Overall Vanessa White surprises us all with an amazing song and a brilliant music video to go with it. It may be simple with very little going on, but this just proves that less is more, and it certainly is. I can't fault this video, and I can't stop watching this again and again. Great job Vanessa White, and I cannot wait for what the future will bring! I just wish this would have charted as this deserves a great charting position, at the very least.
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