New Release: Miguel - Waves

26 February Critic Jonni 0 Comments

My plan for New Release this week was Tinie Tempah feat. Zara Larsson with "Girls Like", unfortunately, the music video for that song has yet to be released, and a quick look at the New Releases this week have turned up similar stories. Miguel seems to be one of the only New Releases that has a music video out this week. He has been chart hungry for years now, and just when he gets into the limelight, it soon disappears again, and with songs like this, it isn't surprising. Miguel drops himself in water to relate to the song, whilst performing in a club where he's obviously intoxicated. Slow, misguided and twisted, this music video is wavy at best.

Miguel, full name Miguel Pimentel, is probably best known for featuring on Mariah Carey's song "#Beautiful" which is his biggest hit here in the UK, his other top songs failed to make the UK Top 40. A quick look on the iTunes top 1000 and this song is no where to be seen, and considering iTunes has promoted the single by putting it on their homepage under the Singles tab, it just goes to show that what Miguel really needs is a hit song. The song was written by Miguel Pimentel, which surprised me since his performance clips in the video fails to portray much passion towards the song.

This choppy video isn't exciting and interesting, although finding a house party behind a fridge door is pretty intricate.

I just feel like this was a rushed music video, the song is about making love to a girl all night, and instead it portrays him singing the song at a club and getting the crowd going as well as some scenes of him in some water.

He is also shirtless throughout, which would be great if he didn't clearly have this arrogant side to him. He thinks he's all that in this music video, and that just makes the song and it's accompanying music video less appealing than it would've normally been. I can't find much else to comment on, just that if Miguel is looking for a hit, he better do something about it soon.
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