Little Mix - Love Me Like You

27 February Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Little Mix released this ballad last year, and it took a while for people to like this as a single. It was a grower on the charts and just when you think that Little Mix has released the wrong follow-up single to "Black Magic", frequent performances on TV really helped to pick this song up, and radio finally started to like it, and therefore the public started to like it. Little Mix continue their narrative music videos in this fun loving video about a guy screwing all four of them over.

Little Mix first came to light on The X Factor. They are still currently the only group to ever win the British version of The X Factor. They seem very underrated in global terms, not attracting that much attention outside of the UK. However, now that One Direction are on hiatus, Simon Cowell and Syco have to focus on their two girl groups, Little Mix and Fifth Harmony, although it seems they're putting a lot more effort into the US girl group Fifth Harmony, than they are in Little Mix. This group consists of Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirlwall. This song was written by Steve Mac, Iain James, Camille Purcell and James Newman.

This was directed by Sarah McColgan and it is pure genius, a perfect narrative with a nice performance piece; the girls have really connected to this song!

Jade is whisked away in a car by this guy, then Leigh-Anne yearns for him at the basketball game, Jesy pounces on him at the cinema, and Perrie falls off her bike as she drools watching him work out. They all await him at the school dance. He arrives with another girl in tow, this guy gets around easily.

This is a perfect follow on from "Black Magic", almost like the story continues; similar to Basshunter's videos. The professor also appeared in "Black Magic", as well as many of the students that have attended the school dance. After a difficult search, it turns out that the guy in this music video that plays Little Mix's love interest is male actor Hector David Jr. who is mostly known as the green power ranger in Power Rangers Samurai / Super Samurai.

Apparently this music video and "Black Magic" was filmed together, hence why the same actors appear and the story line follows on.

Overall, it's a grower of the song, and the music video is perfect. It's a gem, it relates, it's upsetting with light humour. I prefer the music video over the song though, but I've slowly started to love the song, it instantly gets stuck in my head, like it has done all day today.
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