Nicole Scherzinger - On The Rocks

09 February Critic Jonni 0 Comments

The inspiration for writing this review about this music video, comes from my ex. He recently got back in contact with me through facebook, and after a little bit of chat, he suggested I go and listen to this song, he said I would like it. I never got the chance to until today, which is a few weeks after he suggested it. Whether he's still caught up with me, or not, I'm not sure, but it feels like a little last stab of pain he wanted to give to me. Although it totally failed since I have completely moved on, and not in the way this song suggests, even if that is what he thinks of me. I'm not running around breaking hearts, or even breaking my own. I pretty much am focusing on my career, and if a guy wants me in their life, of course I'm going to give that guy a try, because I'd rather not miss the one because I'm too caught up in my career and my future, especially if he might be right in front of me at any given moment. Whatever my ex thinks of me, I really don't care, I'm happy being who I am, and although I get lonely sometimes, much like everyone else does in the world, I am pretty content with who I am. Aside from all this... Nicole Scherzinger hits out in this slightly catchy song that shows off her incredible vocals, it's accompanying music video is unfortunately in black and white and although full of passion and heartbreak, the overall perception brings it down.

Nicole Scherzinger is currently focusing on other career aspects, since her most recent album didn't do as well as she had hoped. Although she has promised a new album this year. Hopefully it'll hit her back into the limelight. Who would've thought she has had international success as the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls, as well as a number one solo single "Don't Hold Your Breath". She can definitely get back on top form, but whether she puts enough effort into it, is the other question. The song was written by Terius "The-Dream" Nash, Christopher A. Stewart and Carlos McKinney. A total power ballad, it's not something I'd go out of my way to listen repeatedly, yet full of emotion, she means every word. She's still hurting post-break-up and not only does she want him to know it, but she knows that he's been hurting too.

The music video was directed by Tim Mattia. Visually authentic, which goes well with the song since power ballads aren't exactly in at the moment, unless you're Adele. Which probably explains why it only charted at number 90 on the UK chart.

I have said this before, and I'm going to say it again. I hate black and white music videos, and even though this might add shade to her emotions in this song the music video would definitely have come across much better in colour.

The narrative works perfectly with the song, I love how they are both drinking and how she is having a bit of a tantrum or a meltdown. She can't help the feelings she has for him and yet she doesn't want to be constantly hurt by him, even though it's what he's been doing. Is this what my ex is trying to convey to me? Does he want me back, like all my friends think he does? I'm over him anyway, we can be friends, but if he wants me, he'll have to prove how much to me to consider even taking him back. "If you think I'm coming back, don't hold your breath".

As for the performance side of things,. surprisingly, Nicole Scherzinger doesn't hold her emotion in. Instead outwardly projecting how happy she is at singing this song. She attempts to perform and yet fails in some of the scenes. This is not what I wanted to see, I wanted her to feel lonely, upset, mad, annoyed. We all know the feelings of a break-up, and happy is extremely rare, it doesn't belong in this music video.

Overall, Nicole Scherzinger failed to have a hit with this song, however her vocals are on point, to an extent. The accompanying music video is filmed in black and white, removing detail and emotion creating a possible bland visual, yet Nicole Scherzinger pulls it back with an all-right performance and a perfect acting role in the narrative. She saved this video, believe it or not.
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