Chart Mondays: Zayn - Pillowtalk

08 February Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Zayn is back from leaving One Direction last year, and his debut single has got everyone talking, no wonder he flew straight into number one and managed to become my Chart Mondays review. Sporting a totally new look, Zayn sings a sultry song that makes him look quite sexy, in my opinion, which is surprising for me as Zayn was my least favourite member of One Direction. Zayn's debut blasted him to the top of the UK chart, but does this music video do the song justice? Visualisations are played to the maximum, visually defining sexiness to an entirely new level.

Zayn Malik was one fifth of British group One Direction. He broke away from the band citing creative differences, although his first single seems to be in a similar style to One Direction's recent singles, so much so that it's no wonder that their fans are in favour of this song. He has definitely come a long way from that young boy in The X Factor who cried during bootcamp. It was written by Zayn Malik, Anthony Hannides, Michael Hannides, Levi Lennox and Joe Garrett.

The music video was directed by Bouha Kazmi, and features the wonderful Gigi Hadid, who has been popping up in various music videos, recently. I hope this isn't her last.

Sexy and sultry, Zayn is giving Nick Jonas a run for his money, however this doesn't quite match up to the powerfully gorgeousness of "Levels", although it isn't quite far off.

This is extremely artistic, enough to make me in awe. Zayn is in a dreamed visual, imagining his deepest desired mixed in with pain and blurred lines. Again, it reminds me of Windows Media Player's visualisations, this seems to be a common theme in recent videos, especially after Diplo & Sleepy Tom's "Be Right There". However Zayn's video is much more modern.

Gigi Hadid plays a much better role in this, than her previous role in Calvin Harris & Disciples' "How Deep Is Your Love", however she is definitely getting recognition all around the world from these videos, so I hope to see her appear in more music videos in the future.

Overall a great debut song, that is now stuck in my head, yet is it any wonder, Zayn had to come out with a massive hit, or leaving One Direction would have looked like a bad move. Will Zayn keep up his success? Only time will tell. The big question is whether he made the right decision. It worked for Geri Halliwell, for some time, before her music career decided it didn't want to exist any more, but with songs like this Zayn's career has only just started.
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