Christina Milian - Rebel

16 March Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Christina Milian is looking for a comeback to music with this EP she has released called 4U. I'm kind of hoping that this is a snippet of what her next album will be like, without using any of these songs, because "Like Me" is the only one I've liked so far, and that song alone should've been a worldwide hit. Christina Milian needs to come back harder than ever, she needs to prove she deserves chart hits once again, because this R&B ballad isn't doing a single thing for her. She over performs and exposes herself a slight too much in this provocative video, which doesn't suit her at all.

Christina Milian, real name Christine Flores, has literally made her money. She now has her own clothing range, TV series and wines, believe it or not. Yet no number ones. If anyone can do it, she can. She's an actress and a singer, she had it all, now she just needs to be back on top form once more. Getting chart hits left, right and centre used to be easy, she was born to be a celebrity with everyone talking about her, and she has the voice, has the acting skills, she just needs a killer track, an amazing music video and the right amount of promotion. This ballad doesn't cut it. Rebel was written by Christine Flores, Matt Cash, Ocean Marciano and Supa Nova.

Directed by Alton Glass, this was the first song off her EP to get a music video. All of her songs from the EP 4U has an official music video released, so it makes me question how long we're going to have to wait for this new album.

The video is not engaging enough, Christina Milian uses all her acting skills to show us the emotion of the song, sultry and sexy, she does her best, but because of the video it doesn't work overall.

The entire set is trying too hard, she almost exposes herself completely in the first few minutes as she nearly falls out of the white shirt she is wearing, which is much too loose for her.

The clothing in the video is nothing exciting or dramatic, nothing quite suits her, other than the ripped jeans. The imagery isn't imaginative, there's nothing that relates to the song, and I definitely don't understand the parachute and Christina Milian's burgundy hair. This is not the Christina Milan we all know and love. I was hoping this video would've been much better. But the only thing I can draw from this is that Christina Milian does her best with what she's been given. Sultry and sexy, she attempts to pull it off as best as she can.
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