Nick Jonas - Chains

15 March Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I've had this song stuck in my head all day, so I thought I might as well review it's music video, especially since I haven't seen it before today. Quite dark for Nick Jonas, but I truly believe he is trying to find his sound, which I feel like he has done with the release of "Levels". Nick Jonas brings out this dark handsome side of him. The colour tone of the video is influenced by the colour of chains. His love for this person is real and isn't replicated.

Nick Jonas, Nick Jonas, Nick Jonas. He was once one third of boy band The Jonas Brothers as well as lead singer of Nick Jonas And The Administration; now he has a successful solo career with hit singles like this one. He is currently co-headling a tour with Demi Lovato called Future Now: The Tour which, unfortunately, only has dates in North America, and no sign of it hitting Europe or any other continent. If there's a date for the UK, I will definitely be getting tickets, this is one tour I wouldn't want to miss. This song was written by Jason Evigan, Ammar Malik and Danny Parker. The song is about being chained in love for a person, and how it can break you if the person doesn't feel the same.

The video continues the dark theme of the song, I love how the colours represent the colours of chains, little hues as if the chains have infused with Nick Jonas.... Ahhh to infuse with Nick Jonas.... The video was directed by Ryan Pallotta and features Dylan Penn as Nick Jonas' love interest.

Deep and dark, there is a lot going on, a lot of fighting, which Nick Jonas is doing in the song, he's fighting for the love, because he truly believes he loves this person.

Don't really get the police barricade, however it's another obstacle in the way for Nick Jonas, another thing he has to overcome just like everything else.

Overall it's a simple video and yet it's in depth and very dark, quite haunting too especially with the ending. It works well, although can be considered confusing and quite choppy. It connects with the audience rarely, failing to deliver something we want to watch again and again, yet it manages to relate to the song perfectly.
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