Era Istrefi - BonBon

13 March Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I'm claiming this right now, she is the new Inna or Alexandra Stan, she'll have one big global hit, and then will disappear from the limelight, much like many stars before her, only her true hardcore fans will buy her new music after her big hit. This music video has blown up on social media sites where they've compared her voice to Sia and Rihanna. Her vocals are amazing, and this video originally got over 30 million hits before the video got set to private as she has signed to Ultra music (a record label that was associated with Inna and Alexandra Stan, once upon a time). Era Istrefi shows off her voice and her body in this wintry music video. Encompassed by a fluffy pink and green coat, Era Istrefi struts her stuff, dances her way through the song and acts sultry towards the camera.

Era Istrefi, who is sometimes known as just Era, is Kosovo Albanian and has been releasing music since 2013. Her mother, Suzana Tahirsylaj, was a well known Albanian singer in the 80's and 90's, she stopped singing when Era Istrefi's father died. She clearly passed on her vocals to two of her daughters as Era Istrefi has an older sister, Nora Istrefi, who had a short but popular stint in the music industry, but it seems Era Istrefi will be the one who has international fame. Era Isterfi sings in Gheg Albanian, but she often uses English phrases as well. This song was written by Era Istrefi, Ergen Berisha, Cricket, BigBang and Toton. BonBon means It's Okay, It's Okay in English.

The music video was filmed in one shot, it's an extremely basic performance piece that demands the attention of the audience.

Set in a beautifully snowy road, Era Istrefi has a colourful bright pink fluffy coat on that definitely highlights her against the grey setting.

Her choreography is sexy to say the least, and she pulls it off with so much sass that it looks like she's totally freestyling; yet, as we all know, it's not that simple in the music video world.

Her style, her image, her make-up, her hair; it's all on point in this video, it makes us ignore the entire setting, we are exclusively interested in her singing this song. The song of which is in a different language, and yet nowadays we no longer complain; many songs in different languages have been worldwide hits, it's mainly the vocals that are most important, and it's refreshing to see music sung in foreign languages become popular. However this video is too simple for my liking, and yet it shows her as an independent woman, she doesn't need anyone beside her, she can do it all by herself, and she sure has with this song and video, Era Istrefi's time is coming, and it's coming now, just like she predicted at the start with these lyrics.
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