Power Francers & D-Bag - Pompo Nelle Casse

March 12, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

A total random for me, this was first played on my iTunes a few minutes ago, it is part of a compilation album I have called Музыка В Дорогу, which I bought purely because it had quite a few Inna and Alexandra Stan songs on it, and it was a cheap price. Surprisingly, it is no longer available on the British iTunes store. I instantly liked this song, and had to see if there was a corresponding music video, which leads me to this post. I love it when my iTunes chooses a song and music video for me. Enter a club where this song would be played and everyone will be raving it up, singing along to Pompo Nelle Casse, easy lyrics although we would have no idea what we are saying, but it's all fun, clubby and sexy!

Power Francers are a three-piece Italian hip-house band consisting of Davide Di Martino, Antonio Pelusio and Caterina Di Sciascio. They each have names within the band which are Pacchiani, Goldentrash and Katerfrancers respectively. This is their biggest hit, although they have had plenty of other singles as well as released two albums. This group is bringing something new to the table and it is refreshing to see something new, with more hard work and plenty of promotion, they could make it big, if they pushed. D-Bag, real name Riccardo Marchi, has released a number of EPs, singles and remixes under this pseudonym, nowadays he can be found producing under the name Reech. He claims to be the producer behind many of Power Francers' hits. This song, as I previously mentioned, is their biggest hit to date. It's catchy and would definitely get people on the dancefloor and could easily be played in the UK clubs.

The music video takes us into a club where this song is really hitting it off. Perfect mouth movement line up, so much so that any one of them could be singing the song, although it's obviously Katerfrancers who has that amazing voice.

The camera makes me remember all those times I'm drunk on the dancefloor singing my heart out whilst dancing like the spotlight is on me, I'm pretty sure this hazy music video is exactly what I see when I'm in that state.

The video is sexy, sultry, full of alcohol, clubbing, raving and people clearly having a good time! Pompo Nelle Casse indeed, which doesn't translate well in English. The rest of the lyrics is about being in a club, so I'm guessing it's something that relates to that. Overall, it's relatable and goes well with the song. I'm actually interested in where these guys will go, Katerfrancers has started a solo career whilst still being a part of the group, but what the future brings for all of them is anyone's guess.
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