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March 30, 2016 Critic Jonni 1 Comments

Honestly, I wasn't that interested at this announcement for Birmingham Pride 2016, until I looked at some of her songs, and then I got excited that she was the vocalist on Tim Berg's "Seek Bromance". But I doubt I'd go out of my way to watch Amanda Wilson perform, especially since I only really know "Seek Bromance", although I'm pretty sure the remixes of this song and her other hit "Watchin'" is currently doing the rounds in the clubs at the moment. Amanda Wilson performs this song to the best she can, whilst the dancers out-do her in every scene.

YET ANOTHER CONFIRMED ARTIST!We're looking forward to seeing the fantastic Amanda Wilson perform on our Birmingham...
Posted by Birmingham Pride on Thursday, 17 March 2016
The Freemasons are a DJ duo consisting of Russell Small and James Wiltshire, they are also members of the group Phats & Small, which has had better chart placements, but aren't as successful. Featured on this track is Amanda Wilson who will be hitting the Birmingham Pride 2016 stage. She has released quite a few singles, although the ones with the Freemasons are her most successful, as well as "Seek Bromance" which she isn't credited for, so I'm presuming she won't be singing "Seek Bromance" at pride. The song samples Jackie Moore's "This Time Baby" and Tina Turner's "When The Heartache Is Over". It was written by Graham Stack, John Reid, Russell Small, James Wiltshire, Leroy Bell and Casey James.

The video is simple, a pure performance based video that doesn't have much going on in it.

The dancers out perform Amanda Wilson, they are the main feature of the video, they're all in-sync and are definitely professionals, pulling off the choreography amazingly. Amanda Wilson either can't dance or they didn't want to include her in the choreography, she pretty much does the same three moves over and over again, and it's totally sets her up because the dancers aren't even doing those dance steps. She looks awkward and on her own.

This video exposes Amanda Wilson as a good singer but not the best performer. I bet she is a lot better now, but this video really makes her stand out, but in a very bad way. The choreography relates to the dance track rather than the actual song, and the only good bits I can find is the verses because you can see Amanda Wilson for herself, and yet it's too simplistic and with next to no performance in it. Was her heart even in this video?
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  1. What a B.S review: Amanda is cool as anything in this. Her moves are subtle and stylish: The dancers complement and do not "outdo" her. Her singing is first class. Her expressions are first class. She does EXACTLY what needed to be done and played the part 100%!