Vengaboys - We're Going To Ibiza!

31 March Critic Jonni 0 Comments

The Vengaboys are my revisit this Thursday, purely because they are one of the Birmingham Pride 2016 acts that I'm most excited to see perform live, bringing back tonnes of childhood memories! This song was their second number one single after "Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!" and I much prefer it. Transformed into animated characters that were common at the time, the Vengaboys fly us away on holiday to Ibiza, showing us all the places we need to come back to and visit some other time.

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! WE LIKE TO PARTY... and so do our latest reveal! It's none other than The vengaboys who...
Posted by Birmingham Pride on Thursday, 17 March 2016
The Vengaboys have reformed, and with enough promotion I can imagine them doing well in the UK. They are the epitome of any late 90's childhood, we were all singing their songs, playing their songs, dancing to their songs. At the time of this release, the Vengaboys consisted of Kim Sasabone, Denise Post-Van Rijswijk, Roy den Burger and Robin Pors. In the reformation, Roy den Burger has been replaced by Donny Latupeirissa. I will not be missing them at Birmingham Pride 2016, not for anything or anyone. I can't wait to hear this song live. It was written by Jeff Calvert and Max West. The song was based on Typically Tropical's "Barbados".

Many artists have transformed themselves into animated stars, Britney Spears with "Break The Ice" and "Kill The Lights" is the main star that comes to mind, although there are undoubtedly many others.

The Vengaboys start their in what looks like America, they fly past several landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Colosseum in Rome, Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, the city of Toronto, The White House in Washington DC where a piano is being played, amongst others. They are also travelling by bus, that definitely doesn't look safe, but it's definitely an ode to their previous single "We Like To Party (The Vengabus)".

The most surprising thing is when they visit Switzerland and it seems Denise Post-Van Rijswijk has fallen off the wooden decking, and instead of splashing into the water, she is dancing on water!

There is a massive performance side, because this is what the Vengaboys are all about. There's massive choreography that looks easy to pull off but we'll see if the Vengaboys at Birmingham Pride 2016 will perform just like their animated versions of themselves.

Scenic, beautiful and clever, this video is on point, especially for the era it was released. It relates perfectly to the song and links in with the lyrics. There's only one thing wrong with it, and that's when Denise Post-Van Rijswijk is dancing on water in Switzerland. Everything else comes together and works out perfectly. If an artist is going to turn themselves into an animated character, they have to pull it off like the Vengaboys have in this video.
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