MNEK - The Rhythm

23 March Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I think I've just let The Rhythm get to me and I've just lost my mind. As if I've never seen this video before now, it's amazing, and with a song that so should've charted higher than number 38, but I guess MNEK is definitely in the limelight now, what with his collaboration with Zara Larsson on the song "Never Forget You". He has been announced as one of the headline acts at Birmingham Pride 2016, I just wish Zara Larsson was appearing too. MNEK tells you that The Rhythm will lose your mind, and he is totally right with this freaky music video, it seems MNEK is the only person not to lose his mind in this supermarket.

AND HERE'S ANOTHER BIG HEADLINER...Birmingham Pride are proud to announce that Grammy-nominated British singer,...
Posted by Birmingham Pride on Thursday, 17 March 2016
MNEK, real name Uzo Emenike, has had an established career as a song writer, he has had three number ones and plenty of top ten hits. Now he's creating a career as a solo singer and he is doing a fine job of it, although he isn't exactly a strong singer, he has a perfect soul in his vocals, enough to give him his own number ones in the future. I'm excited to see what he releases next after the amazing hit single "Never Forget You". This song was written by Uzo Emenike and Kersha Bailey.

Directed by Clemens Habicht, the video is once again set in a supermarket, this seems to be a common setting in dancing music videos. I think it's because we've all been in one of them, it's part of everyday life and I think that's what makes it a good setting to put something unnatural. Other videos that have recently been set in a supermarket is Galantis' "Peanut Butter Jelly" and Skrillex & Diplo & Justin Bieber's "Where Are Ü Now".

MNEK is working at the supermarket and he changes the music to his own song The Rhythm. Once the customers hear the song they start to lose their minds just like the song suggests.

They start to dance to the track and then the dancing gets really crazy as special techniques are used that even makes the viewers lose their minds, throughout I was like: is this really happening?

Trampolines were definitely used in the video and other visual transformations. It works really well, although the supermarket would definitely be wrecked by the end of the video, however it's only slightly untidy.

Overall, a great video that relates perfectly with the song. MNEK is a star that much is obvious. I love the video, it's freaky, it's weird, it makes me lose my mind just like the customers. I was a little unexcited when MNEK was announced as one of the acts at Birmingham Pride 2016, now I'm excited to hear him live.
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