Booty Luv - Shine

24 March Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Keeping to the style of my blog, regardless of the fact that we're in the middle of Birmingham Pride 2016 Special, since some of the acts have been announced. I've decided to continue to do Thursday Revisit, and so Booty Luv is my revisit today. This is THE song that made ma a fan of Booty Luv. a cover of Luther Vandross' "Shine". Booty Luv are dancing with a dance group in this video, it's clear they can't dance very well and not enough effort went into this video, although it's clear that they can stand there and look pretty whilst singing.

AND OUR NEXT REVEAL IS...The fantastic Booty Luv who return to Birmingham Pride after storming the main stage...
Posted by Birmingham Pride on Thursday, 17 March 2016
Booty Luv consists of Cherise Roberts and Nadia Shepherd, they were originally in group Big Brovaz before they split. They are one of my favourite acts that got announced for Birmingham Pride 2016,. however with no new songs, I'm a little worried that I am hyping them up too much, especially since these videos I have reviewed hasn't shown them as great performers. This is a cover of Luther Vandross' "Shine", I definitely prefer the cover version, although Luther Vandross is an undeniably incredible singer, this song was meant to be played in the clubs. It was written by James Harris III, Terry Lewis, Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers.

Once again a Booty Luv video has failed to interest me. Like seriously, what did Hed Kandi do to these girls? Hed Kandi was the record label they were assigned to. They could've put them through dance lessons, and made this video much more explosive.

That is not what we are getting, these girls have learned the routine but not how to pull it off, they do the steps and the moves without any eagerness, they've been told they can't do it fully and they stick out like a sore thumb compared to the dancers behind them.

There's not much else I can comment on, to be fair. This video could've been much much more, but I guess Hed Kandi was attempting to earn as much money rather than exposing the girls to enough promotion. Another fail of a music video for Booty Luv, even if produced perfectly it wouldn't have worked, we needed a narrative storyline, or at least a brilliant jaw-dropping performance, this just isn't it, and commonly found in dance tracks that were popular back then.
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