The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face

March 08, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

When I first saw this music video, I knew I had to review it on my blog, and yet six months later and here I am, finally getting around to reviewing The Weeknd's song Can't Feel My Face. I have never really liked The Weeknd, and his songs never interested me before this one. This one is much more catchy and shows off his vocal range. The Weeknd proves himself as a performer as well as a singer in this music video, he gets set alight and he still performs to the best of his ability. The Weeknd has set himself on the charts internationally, now he just needs to keep getting the chart hits he clearly deserves.

The Weeknd, real name Abęl Tesfaye, is from Canada and has been releasing music since 2011. He has had a successful career to date, both of his albums have charted highly internationally and most of his singles have charted in various countries, but it wasn't until he released "Earned It" for the Fifth Shades Of Grey soundtrack, that he got thrown into the limelight. This song was written by Ali Payami, Savan Kotecha, Max Martin, Abęl Tesfaye and Peter Svensson. Some big names in the song writing list, so it's no surprise this was a hit for The Weeknd.

Directed by Grant Singer. We have a main performance piece to this music video where The Weeknd is performing to a not so nice crowd.

There's a love interest in the audience, who is the only one enjoying his performance. She is played by Chanel Iman.

A person in the audience throws a lighter at him, which sets him on fire, at which point the audience loves his performance and gets on their feet. For some unknown reason, the fact that he's on fire and still performing makes everyone like the song, doesn't make sense to me.

At the end of the day, it's a great performance based music video, with a very catchy song. However there's a subtle narrative behind although it's not displayed well and doesn't relate to the song that much, if at all, especially since at the end he runs out of the club, still on fire. This video is not only confusing to many, but it fails to connect with the song.
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