Chart Mondays: Jonas Blue Featuring Dakota - Fast Car

March 07, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Lukas Graham is still at number one with "7 Years" and so Chart Mondays is open, once again, to the top 10.  I have chosen to review this music video, as the song is being sung by nearly everyone, and it's actually not the original this time. This song has been covered many times, but tropical house covers of this song is charting all over the world, but this video doesn't feature a fast car, instead a fast motorbike in the desert which is pitted against a horse, they fall in love and don't quite live happily ever after.

Jonas Blue, real name Guy Robin, is an up and coming British producer who has hit the world by storm with this song, although I much prefer the original. I'm not so keen on this tropical house remix it just feels like it's lost all meaning to the song. It features Dakota.... Who? All I can find out is that Dakota is an 'incredible young vocal talent', hopefully more information will be known later. The song is a cover of Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car", written by Tracy Chapman, herself. I'd actually would be interested in her thoughts on this version, see if she likes it as much as everyone else. This version peaked at number two, which beats the original's charting position.

Directed by Anton Newton-Berra, the video is set in the desert, definitely no sign of any fast cars, although it is kind of used as a metaphor for falling in love quickly, as the music video suggests.

I feel the song doesn't go with the video at all, however the video is there to shock you, and it sure did that, I almost cried twice.

I love the idea of the race, clearly the motorcyclist won, and yet she fell off her bike, which was inevitably going to happen, luckily she's still alive and well, but might have bumped her head a bit because she fell in love with her opponent.

They run away together, and I can feel the compassion, some exciting teasing moments which I definitely miss having, and some good cuddling, but this is no life and he is then kidnapped.

She wakes up to find him gone and she searches for him. She finds his horse and finds out he's working behind the checkout at a supermarket. The guy has to make a living, and yet she's upset? She soon gets what she wants though because he's soon riding his horse beside her again.

Overall a full narrative video that doesn't link in with the song all that much. This video could be linked to quite a lot of songs and it would have made no difference, although relatable to an extent it fails to make me want to watch it again.
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