Eli Lieb & Steve Grand - Look Away

24 April Critic Jonni 0 Comments

The collaboration we have all been waiting for, and it's even better than we expected. Surprisingly their voices mash perfectly giving us amazing harmonies from two powerful singers, but does the music video match up to the epic sound of the song? Eli Lieb and Steve Grand can't look away from the camera giving us piercing stares as they tell us that this is the end.

Eli Lieb is currently working on his second album. He has released a number of singles and a debut album. He has been on my radar since I first came across Steve Grand, however his music never appealed to me, although I am encouraged to support him because he is an out gay singer, and there isn't enough of them in the world. On the other hand, I don't have a keen interest in his music apart from this song because of the collaboration. His music just isn't to my taste, although he might make me like his songs if he releases more like "Lightning In A Bottle". He hasn't achieved world wide popularity, but with a voice like his, he has the chance. The only thing is, he seems emotionless in his music videos, especially in this one, where Steve Grand puts his all into the visual. Steve Grand, Steve Grand, Steve Grand. He became popular because of his country song "All-American Boy", he then had a successful Kickstarter campaign, and now he is apparently working on a second album. I am obsessed with Steve Grand, and if he ever does a gig in the UK, I'll definitely be there! This song was written by Eli Lieb and Steve Grand. Perfect harmonies, amazing emotional words and two soulful voices.

The music video is a pure performance piece, it really puts the stars on the spotlight, every little thing is seen.

Steve Grand is a much better actor than Eli Lieb, as I have previously mentioned. The song is full of emotion, but Eli Lieb looks like a newly painted white brick wall, not a crack not a smudge, just two piercing eyes as he sings to the camera, it's like he has closed his emotions off totally, although his voice tells us different.

Steve Grand is the total opposite, he puts so much emotion into his visual that we can tell he means every single word he is singing, he really can't look away and he is trying to face the truth. Steve Grand seems much more real whereas Eli Lieb is closed off.

The video includes black and white snapshots, this is where a narrative could've been planned, but it never happened, instead we're seeing a series of shots that look like they have potential for a story line, but it just doesn't work. This could easily have been memories of what they had, and certain scenes does show that, but as a collective, it's more of behind-the-scene shots.

Overall, a great emotional song, with only half the emotion purely thanks to Steve Grand. Eli Lieb needs to learn how to get across what he is singing, or it's never going to work, this is probably the main reason why I'm not a fan of his songs. There should've been a narrative, it would've worked really well as snapshots, and even though in some scenes Steve Grand and Eli Lieb look longingly at each other, it just doesn't have the feel of a narrative. This could've been so much better than it is. The performance piece is the main piece, with perfect lighting, it anticipates the narrative, there should be more but there isn't.
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