Flashrider Featuring Kelli Leigh & Renald - So In Luv

April 18, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This is one of those rare songs you find on a compilation album, and love at first listen. This happened in my case, and now it's on my phone and gets played now and again as I walk to work. Kelli Leigh has been confirmed for Birmingham Pride 2016, hence why I chose this song, which I really hope she sings, although it's doubtful considering she is the vocalist for many more popular songs. Flashrider flashes up in scenes in this video, but is rarely noticeable as Kelli Leigh and Renald take centre stage in the performance side of the video. The narrative is slow going but interesting.

Flashrider released his first single in 2003, ten years later he followed up with this song, not much is known about him other than him doing some remixes for artists I've never heard of. Kelli Leigh, real name Kelli-Leigh Henry-Davila, has one of the most successful careers as a hidden vocalist. She has provided vocals for Secondcity's "I Wanna Feel", Duke Dumont's "I Got U" and Bingo Players' "Cry (Just A Little)". She has amazing vocals, she just needs the right promotion, and she might be getting there slowly, especially since she'll be on the main stage at Birmingham Pride. Renald is pretty unknown, he has featured on a couple of other tracks, but that is all the info I can find on the guy. He has strong vocals on this track, and I'm surprised he hasn't had a hit single so far. This song was written by Marc Lennard and Judge Flow.

There is a performance piece and a narrative piece to this music video. The narrative is slow going, as I have previously mentioned, it develops slowly and there isn't much going on.

The performance side of things is energetic. Kelli Leigh shines throughout, whether she is in casual clothes, or that beautiful purple dress, she is a vision of beauty. She can move, she can sing, and she looks good, what is she doing hiding amongst the credits of hit songs? Someone get her to centre stage please, because she deserves to be the next big thing. I am hoping she sings this song at Birmingham Pride, although I doubt she will.

Renald doesn't exactly fade into Kelli Leigh's shadow. He is the main vocalist on this track, with great rapping lyrics and a good lead-up to the chorus. His performance is fiery but falls short compared to Kelli Leigh. As for Flashrider, he appears very little and fails to make an impact in any of the short scenes he appears.

The narration links in with the song, it's a clear concept of love at first sight, but they could've had more desirable actors, Nevertheless, they make a cute couple, and it's interesting to watch how they meet. The ending falls flat, it's on the stupid side, and they don't pull it off that well.

Overall, a very catchy song that gets better with every listen, and an accompanying music video that relates, is energetic and is vibrant. The narrative could've expanded the story much more, it's way too basic. The performance is solid though.
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