Stooshe - Black Heart

April 19, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Stooshe was the last but one artist to be announced for Birmingham Pride 2016 on 8th April, this will be their fourth year performing at Birmingham Pride. They released their most recent single in January called "Lock Down", which failed to chart. They have a new album in the works, which they will no doubt promote at Birmingham Pride. This song was the follow up to "Love Me". Stooshe focuses on the love relationship of one of their band members, Alexandra Buggs, in this video, who is being cheated on, all during a performance set.

Stooshe are a three piece pop group consisting of Alexandra Buggs, Karis Anderson and Courtney Rumbold. They recently had disagreements with their label over their debut album, which is not surprising since they haven't had an exact chart hit; no number ones and this one from 2012 is their biggest hit to date. Hopefully under their new label they'll be able to release the songs they want to release. Thing is with this group is, style wise, they look like three female solo singers collaborating on a track. They need to tighten their style, they need to look like a girl band to consistently get hit after hit. This song charted at number three, and was written by Jo Perry, Shaznay Lewis, Iyiola Babalola and Darren Lewis.

Directed by Matt Stawski, the video is inspired by old-skool girl band music videos, with the 60's style and a simple performance piece.

The narrative coincides with the 60's performance making Alexandra Buggs centre stage as we see her love life unfold right before our eyes and during the entire performance set.

It works well, it relates, and I love how the Alexandra Buggs' bandmates know that her love is a bad one, but she doesn't believe, she is lost in her love for him, until it is revealed right in front of her.

This reminds me of Destiny's Child "Girl", it's a similar music video in a totally different setting.

Overall, great video that relates to an extent, but the song can be interpreted as something much more stronger than the visual of the video shows. I like the idea behind the video, though, and it really proves that Stooshe's ballads are just as strong as their pop tracks.
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