MK & Becky Hill - Piece Of Me

April 25, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Becky Hill is back with another smash hit that is no doubt going to be big sometime soon... She's also back with a video that has got us all confused once again; very weird. It does have meaning though, bare with me, there's a total back story to this that can make sense and is open to interpretation, but definitely works and relates to the song. MK and Becky Hill have created a perfect hit that instantly gets stuck in my head, the music video is just as memorable, in it's weird but wonderful ways, nothing new when it comes to Becky Hill music videos.

MK, real name Marc Kinchen, is an american DJ and music producer. He's remix of Storm Queen's "Look Right Through" hit number one in the UK. He has done extensive remixes, which is unsurprising since he has been in the music industry for decades. He had a few hits in the 90's, especially in the clubs. "Always" which features Alana was remixed by Route 94 and re-entered the UK chart at number 14. In doing so, it has kickstarted his career once again. Becky Hill is the new starter, the girl from The Voice UK season one, the girl who's already had a number one and who has been on everyone's lips for a few years. She's been the one to watch in the last half-decade, she's been hyped beyond degree, we've been patient for her album to drop, but she's only released two solo singles, with a third right around the corner. She deserves a lot more success than she's been getting, but I feel she's still trying to find her sound, she found it once with "Gecko (Overdrive)" and definitely this song. She is going down the right path, although I am in love with "Losing". Hope to hear more amazing tracks from this girl. This song was written by Marc Kinchen, Rebecca Hill, Tim Powell and Mary Leay.

Directed by Carlos López Estrada, this video is beyond weird, and yet all makes sense if you look deeper. A pure narrative that contrasts the past with the present and how much has changed.

There's two main cars, two main time zones. The first one is set in the past, the girl is wearing a respectable skirt. There's burgers on the side, the entire car and upholstery is old fashioned and there's car dice, who doesn't love car dice?

The second zone features a more modern scene. The couples clothes are more stylish and the car is much more advanced. There's also a CD walkman, which suggests it's still a past time but much more closer to the present day.

The cars bump into each other, and the white girl kisses the black man, proving that interracial relationships aren't a bad thing, and is definitely not uncommon. It's defining perception, although they could've gone one better and made the girls kiss each other, but I guess they can only tackle one thing at a time rather than taking on every perception.

My favourite part of the video has to be seeing the couples kissing in the cars while there's a full profile shot of the skaters, it's well thought out and technically great. Although a few glitches, such as when the black couple fly out of the car, the girl's red top is back on and then it disappears in the next shot. There's a few little inconsistencies, which drops the greatness of this video.

Overall, a well planned out music video that has a much deeper thought behind it all. It's fun, it's sexy, it's imaginative, if a more than a little weird. Weird is what we've come to expect off Becky Hill though.
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