Sam Callahan - I Love It When You

April 26, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Sam Callahan has done it again, he has released one banger of a song I can't stop playing over and over again. 'What is it you do to me?' High energy, amazing vocals, and the perfect path for him to go down. A past Artist Of The Month, is setting clubs alive with this song, and I'd definitely be requesting it in any club I'm in, and will definitely be playing it at any predrinks and house parties I host. 'I don't know what you do to me'. Sam Callahan is back stronger than ever, sexy upbeat tempo track that compliments his vocals, and a club style music video that accompanies the song effortlessly.

Sam Callahan is another one of The X Factor alumni, but that wasn't where I first came across him. He was promoted before The X Factor and appeared in both Attitude Magazine and Gay Times Magazine, it's where I spotted him over three years ago. He released "Runaway Train" and "Crazy" before entering for the competition. He got to the live shows, with his callafan army behind him. It gave him more exposure and many more fans. After a wayward dip in the rock world, he has turned his sights on dance/house music and this definitely suits him much more. After the release of "Bigger Things", I wondered what was next, and here is my new favourite song from him. I Love It When You was written by Sam Callahan, Warren Meyers, Jenna Donnelly and Matthew Meyers.

Directed by Harvey Lewis, I instantly prefer it over "Bigger Things". A mainly performance piece with a hidden narrative, Sam Callahan finally has perfect stage presence and portrays this song amazingly, he's heart is definitely into this one, and he's loving every minute of it.

Set in Talk Nightclub in Southend, the video has the same feel of the song, with edited scenes that are repeated at times, allowing for an upbeat video. It features Tiffany Theatre College and Vapour Creations (the latter provided the smoke table which holds the drinks in Sam Callahan's booth).

The narrative never quite forms, it works to an extent, but this girl is jumping from one guy to the next, which isn't exactly a rarity in clubs. The first guy she's talking to at the bar is presumable later found in the men's toilets with another girl. Then she comes across Sam Callahan, and after a few exchanges they head back to his booth, where he says something stupid and she pushes him away. Whatever you said Sam Callahan, never say it again!

There's a few people with scary masks on, suggesting alcohol is going to the clubbers heads. Allowing a distorted version of events which totally relates to the song

More clubbing enfolds, including a crowd surf, a champagne soaking (who wouldn't like to get Sam Callahan wet?) and plenty of dancing; with a cheeky UV kiss on his cheek, right at the end.

Overall, an amazingly catchy song that has been stuck in my head since it was released on SoundCloud. The music video finally got released, along with the pre-order of the radio edit. The video relates, it's energetic, has perfect performance vibes from Sam Callahan, and attempts at a narrative that leaves us wanting more. Sam Callahan has found his sound, he just needs promotion and success. I Love It When You is a banger, and it's going to be one of those uncharted treasures that should've been popular.
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