Alexandra Stan Featuring Mohombi - Balans

May 04, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Woke up with this song in my head, and obviously I never pass up an opportunity to promote one of my favourite singers. One of the leading Romanian stars, Alexandra Stan really hit it out on international success with the song "Mr Saxobeat", since then she had some difficulty with her management, but after the deeply personal song "Thanks For Leaving", Alexandra Stan is back on form. Alexandra Stan styles it up in this video for Balans, collaborating with Mohombi giving us a playful party that is full of fun, can you Balans?

Alexandra Stan is gearing up for her second single and music video from her most recent album Alesta, which is a bargain of a price on iTunes. She has recently released her own clothing range in Japan as well as promoting the album over there. Currently, Inna and Alexandra Stan are both successful over in Japan, and with enough promotion they will do well globally. Alexandra Stan will always be following in Inna's footsteps, but they came together for "We Wanna", and more hit singles in the future will definitely follow. The world better watch out, because Romania is coming! This song features Mohombi, full name Mohombi Moupondo, a successful Swedish-Congolese singer. He has had a few hits dotted here and there, with some surprising collaborations. His vocals are soulfully authentic, which definitely adds something special to this song. "Balans" would not be the same without Mohombi. This song was written by Barac Sebastian-Alexandru, Botezan Marcel, Mohombi Moupondo and Breyan Isaac.

Directed by Anton San, this video is a full on sexy party. The stylist has picked some unique outfits for Alexandra Stan that may not be stylistically awesome, but shows her off exquisitely.

Razvan Firea & Marius Ferascu act as stylists in this video, whilst Claudiu Sarghe is the hair stylist. The latter fails to interest me at all, nothing special about Alexandra Stan's hair in this video. The costumes are intricately unique, a wild combination that works.

The video relates to an extent, but there's too much focus on sexing Alexandra Stan up that the feel overall falls completely. Mohombi doesn't add to the video either, leaving everything a little flat.
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