Nathan Sykes Featuring G-Eazy - Give It Up

May 03, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Ten days ahead of its release, this song is already the talk of the town. Could this be the hit song Nathan Sykes has been after? His third solo single after "Kiss Me Quick" and "Over and Over Again", both of which are phenomenal songs, but none of which hit the mark the way we all expected them to. They are good songs, just not the hit he so clearly deserves. This could be the one. Nathan Sykes begs his girlfriend to stop with him for the night, but how can she say no in this raunchy display of affection that just makes all us single people full of jealousy.

Nathan Sykes, for those of you who don't know, was one fifth of boy band The Wanted. He is now going it alone, and is releasing amazing singles, that are getting critical acclaim. "Kiss Me Quick" should've done better on the UK charts, with it's disappointingly low chart peak it suggested Nathan Sykes needed a musical change. "Over and Over Again" did much better, although still stalled just inside the top 10. This needs to be the hit he is after, grabbing G-Eazy's fan base as well as his own should push this single into the top five at least, it's certainly getting enough radio play. The song was written by Nathan Sykes, G-Eazy, Talay Riley, Luke James, Matthew Burnett and Riley Bell.

The very steamy video is directed by Michael Baldwin. It has been deemed too provocative for TV screens, this can both help or deter the song's charting position, either it will cause controversy, therefore making the song more popular, or not seeing it on the music channels can stop it from climbing the chart. But this will be Nathan Sykes biggest hit, no doubt. There are worse videos in the world than this make out session. Take a look at the incriminating scenes here. An editied version can be found being played on the music channels.

No sign of the name of the model / actress who plays his love interest, if you have any idea who she is, comment below please.

These two clearly are enjoying themselves. This relates perfectly with the song, even if it is a little too much, even for me. Then again, it's extremely suggestive, and it does make me jealous because I've been in that exact type of relationship, and I seriously miss it, but it's a perfect portrayal of what I had, and what a lot of other people have had. Creating a link with the audience and making a lot of girls and gay guys filled with envy because he's kissing this model and not them (*cough* me *cough*).

G-Eazy, real name Gerald Gillum, has really hit international rapping fame recently, and he's using all that popularity to good use. He's hit the UK hard after his top 10 hit with Grace on "You Don't Own Me". He's one rapper that isn't going away any time soon. But once again, I feel he adds nothing to the song, The lyrics work, but the music change and the rapping doesn't. It's like another song has interrupted Nathan Sykes vocals, however this is what we've come to accept from G-Eazy, and it's surely making him more popular. In the video he fails to entertain. He distracts and does nothing in his scene, just a simple little rap, that adds nothing to the visual at all.

Overall, an amazing song that should hit the UK charts hard, and a banned from UK TV music video that's raunchy, sexy, lustful and a little bit filthy. A much tamed version is being shown on UK TV though. It can be considered a bit much, but it relates to the song and Nathan Sykes and this model clearly had an amazing time during these scenes. They clearly couldn't keep their hands and lips off one another. Sexy clips are more focused on the model, disappointingly so, and G-Eazy fails to make any sort of good impression.
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