Chart Mondays: Desiigner - Panda

May 23, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

With one rapper still on top of the UK Chart, Drake with "One Dance", which still doesn't have a music video yet; another rapper has entered the top 10. Desiigner is at number seven with this smash hit that has already conquered the US Billboard Chart. Panda is about Desiigner's affinity for the BMW X6, a confusing weird video with Kanye West appearing, what more can you want?

Desiigner, real name Sidney Selby III, is signed to Kanye West's label GOOD (Getting Out Our Dreams) Music after this song was released on Desiigner's YouTube and Soundcloud. Is this the start of Desiigner's amazing career as a rapper? Or will Panda just be a one-hit wonder, and he'll fade away like so many rappers before him? Panda was written by Sidney Selby III and Adnan Khan. The song has been sampled by Kanye West for two tracks on his album.

The video is directed by Paul Geusebroek. It contains many different scenes, some of which are difficult to follow. Not quite narrative-based and I surely hope this is not some sort of performance.

The selfie scene is an intricate scene as most people think Desiigner may be high. It captures his passion for this song in that scene more than anything, and kind of reminds me of Alexandra Stan's "Vanilla Chocolat" or Times Red's "Not Listening" because they both contain selfie scenes.

Kanye West appears as a friend throughout the music video, which is definitely expected since he was the one who signed him and sampled his track. However no sign of a real panda, and surely Desiigner is fully promoting the BMW X6 with both this song and it's music video.

A few shocking clips, like the panda painted on an ass that twerks, and Desiigner lying down on a bed whilst being touched up (he looks quite sexy here, not going to lie), him smoking, and the craziness of the rest of the video. It's hard to follow and difficult to understand. On the other hand, it's a typical music video for a rap song, identifiably relatable that way, for sure.
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