Israel Entry: Hovi Star - Made Of Stars

May 23, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

An instant fan favourite, Hovi Star is next on my Eurovision 2016 Special. Already an established star in Israel, He finally achieved his dream, to grace the Eurovision stage and represent his country. He's vocally talented, stylishly fashionable, and is definitely the LGBT+ representative this year. The song is strong, but I always expect an amazing chorus and it's kind of lacking. This guy has conquered his dream, now it's time to be an international star, as he definitely has the voice for it. Hovi Star claims we're all Made of Stars in this LGBT+ anthem, whilst singing out to a number of drones in this music video.

Hovi Star, real name Hovav Sekulets, took part in Kokhav Nolad (meaning A Star Is Born), which is similar to 'Pop Idol' and it's spinoffs. He came seventh, then known as Hovi "Star" Sekulets, he launched a career and has rerecorded songs in Hebrew for well known films such as 'Frozen', 'Cinderella' and 'Inside Out'. He then competed in HaKokhav HaBa L'Eirovizion, based off the 'Raising Star' franchise, where the winner represents the country in the Eurovision Song Contest. This, Hovi Star won, which he is more than deserving. He came 14th in the Grand Final with 135 points. I'm sure this is not the last we've seen of Hovi Star. The song was written by Doron Medalie.

This music video shows off Tel Aviv in Israel, with the help of drones. It's a little weird that Hovi Star is singing to them, I presume they represent stars or people who are stars.

Hovi Star performs with so much emotion, he has clearly connected with this song and he performed just as well during the Grand Final as well as the Semi-Final.

There's not much to this video apart from Hovi Star serenading the drones that are both flying around him and following him. Nothing amazing but clear performance vibes. Hovi Star will be back, this is not the last we've seen of him!
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