Malta Entry: Ira Losco - Walk On Water

May 24, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Malta has sent such a great entrant this year. Ira Losco was high on everyone's expectations, this song is a banger. She came 12th with only 153 points which is lower than what we expected, and now she's a part of my Eurovision 2016 Special. She returns to the contest after representing Malta in 2002, where she came second. This year clearly proved more difficult, but 12th is nothing to be snubbed at. And she just pushed more limelight her way, since she is already slightly an international star, this has definitely helped her career more so, especially being pregnant during the Grand Final. Ira Losco makes a perfect return to the contest as she Walks On Water in the beautiful island setting of Gozo.

Ira Losco, what to say about Ira Losco? She's gorgeously beautiful and is currently expecting a baby with her boyfriend Sean Gravina. She represented Malta in 2002 with song "7th Wonder", it pushed her into major fame and she has performed with a number of stars. She has earned a Midalja għall-Qadi tar-Repubblika (Medal of Service to the Republic) allowing her to use 'M.Q.R.' at the end of her name. She sent two songs to the Maltese national selection, and she won with "Chameleon", she wanted to improve Malta's chances at Eurovision, so suggested to sing a different song. "Walk On Water" was chosen at a later date. The song was written by Lisa Desmond, Tim Larsson, Tobias Lundgren, Molly Pettersson Hammar and Ira Losco.

The beautiful landscape is extremely visual, this is so gorgeous, I just want to be there and stand on the island of Gozo and see the beauty of it that I'm seeing in this music video. I'm going to have to visit one day!

Ira Losco performs perfectly, sultry, sexy she's a vision of beauty on beauty. Her different dresses are all weirdly gorgeous, they're unusually sexy and works perfectly with the song.

She's like an iconic star, and although she doesn't dance much, leaving it all to the dancer to explain the song through the art of contemporary dancing, it works well.

A vision of beauty on beauty, Gozo is a gorgeous place that I'd want to see one day. A perfect location for this emotional song. Ira Losco does a good job of it and performed it well at the Grand Final too.
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