Big Brovaz - Big Bro Thang

30 June Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I had to review this song as my Thursday Revisit purely because it was the last music video the group ever recorded, and although new songs have materialised on iTunes, there hasn't been a music video. The group are going to be performing at The Nightingale next month, which I cannot wait for! They entered the national selection for Eurovision with this song back in 2007 and came third in the public vote, behind winners Scooch with "Flying The Flag (For You)" and second place Cyndi with "I'll Leave My Heart". Honestly, this song would've done much better in the contest because of it's originality. There is still a market in the music industry for these guys. Turning into superheroes, Big Brovaz final music video is confusing and difficult to follow, but the song is vocal perfection.

Big Brovaz, at this time were a four piece group consisting of Nadia Shepherd, Cherise Roberts, Randy Jackson and John Paul Horsley (J-Rock). Originally a six piece, the group dwindled both in numbers and in chart positions, unfortunately this track is their lowest charting position, because promotion for the song wasn't possible due to it being submitted for 'Making Your Mind Up', the UK's national selection process for the Eurovision Song Contest 2007. The four-piece still perform nowadays, but reports suggest that they will not be releasing any new music in the future, unfortunately. This song was written by Nadia Shepherd, Cherise Roberts, Randy Jackson, John Paul Horsley, Dion Howell, Lars H. Jensen, Martin M. Larsson and Christina Undhjem.

Much like many other groups before and after them, Big Brovaz are transformed into superheroes. They resemble X-Men in more ways than one. Other acts to have done a similar thing includes Liberty X on "X" and The Saturdays on "Ego".

The narrative is incredibly difficult to follow, with many repeated scenes as well as various unrelated clips. It's even difficult to get to grips with the story line let alone understand what is going on.

They don't even suit the superhero look, and there is more focus on the setting of the video and the way everything looks in the shot, rather than how the video is going on as a whole.

It comes across totally messy, and definitely difficult to follow or make heads or tails of.

Regardless there is a main performance side which has the energetic vibes that we are used to seeing from these guys. Ones I hope to see on stage next month, there is clearly still a chemistry between all four of them, and that this is meant to be, apart from this video which doesn't work at all.
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