France Entry: Twin Twin - Moustache

June 29, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

One of the catchiest numbers of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, but we all know what happens to songs that sound similar to another song. This was reported as too similar to Stromae's "Papaoutai", which I can hear the resemblance. This happened the year before when Germany sent Cascada with "Glorious" which was pretty similar to Loreen's winning song "Euphoria". This song made France come last in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 with only two points; the first time in the history of the contest that France had placed last. Twin Twin are contestants of a TV game show with the lead singer desperate to win a moustache. Comical, wacky and energetic, this video is totally over the top yet you can't help but love it.

Twin Twin are a three piece group consisting of Lorent Idir, François Djemel and Patrick Biyik. Their sound is described as electro rock with a pop edge that definitely is catchy. Regardless of the fact that it placed last during the competition, the song charted in a few countries in Europe. Twin Twin haven't done much since 2014, however they recently uploaded a video to their YouTube channel, so maybe they are planning on releasing new music soon. The song was written by Lorent Idir and François Djemel.

Directed by Guillaume Coulpier, it is set on a TV game show that reminds me of The Price Is Right, although it's possibly inspired by the french version of the show which is one of the most popular international versions titled Le Juste Prix.

The contestants are played by the band members with Lorent Idir desperate to win a moustache although a car and a lawnmower are displayed by the models.

Totally hilarious with a wacky narrative that definitely links in with the song, and I only know that after I have translated the lyrics, although I much prefer them in French. We live in a world where TV game shows are common, so this is nothing new on our TV screens. It's also nothing new that a TV show has been made comical, just look at You Me At Six's "Save It For The Bedroom", this is one of many examples, feel free to add more examples below in the comment section.

Overall a upbeat catchy song with a quirky comical music video that we may have seen time and again, and yet it never gets old and definitely stands out on any music channel. It's a shame this did so badly at Eurovision, but you can't predict the voting in this competition, that is clear especially when the song manages to chart in certain countries.
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