Inna Featuring Play & Win - 10 Minutes

16 June Critic Jonni 0 Comments

By far one of my favourite Inna tracks off her first album, I remember watching this over and over and over again on the music channels, back in 2011. After reviewing her most recent music video for her new single "Heaven" which I also reviewed for Outlet Magazine. I have jumped into Inna's back catalogue for my Thursday Revisit. The UK version of the video is cut by roughly a minute to focus on Inna's image and to get rid of the repeated scenes. Inna is sexed up in the middle of the club trying to win every place with her dancing and her heartthrob of a bartender, in this music video for 10 minutes.

Unfortunately, this song didn't chart in the UK, much to my disappointment, especially since it sounds like it would've been perfect for the UK market, after hits "Hot" and "Amazing". Inna, real name Elena Apostoleanu, hit it off well in the UK, at first, but it spiralled downhill after "Sun Is Up". However, she didn't stop, and made a market for herself in Eastern Europe, where she is apparently the richest recording artist over there. She has sung in many different languages, and is definitely becoming a massive international star. She has recently been announced as a coach on Vocea României Junior (The Voice of Romania Junior) season one. This was her third UK release, but her fifth single internationally. Featured are her producing trio Play & Win, they have helped many artists with their careers, especially Inna, but they have also made quite the name for themselves in the music industry, mainly as producers, but they have also become known as artists themselves. They consist of Marcel Botezan, Radu Bolfea and Sebastian Barac. This song was written by Play & Win.

The music video was directed by Paul Boyd and filmed in London. The opening shows her preparing backstage for a show, or in this case for going to a club. She wears different outfits and puts them up against herself.

The video continues, with her dancing in a club, with her backing dancers. The choreography is on point, and she works the dancefloor like she owns it.

She catches the eye of the bartender, and who can blame her, he's pretty cute. If anyone knows the actor's name, please tell. And asks him to dance with her. She continues to work the club with her perfect performance vibes.

In one scene we are invited into the bathroom, where Inna and her girls freshen up. Before going back on to the dancefloor. Eventually Inna entices the bartender onto the floor with her.

Cute, sexy, over-the-top, yet totally relatable and perfected. Inna looks and acts like a star. This song is perfectly aimed for the western world, but not much promotion went into it, and radio didn't really pick it up. Still one of my favourites, and the music video may not have much substance to it, but what it lacks it makes up for in relating to the song in every way.
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