New Release: Rizzle Kicks - Always Late

17 June Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Rizzle Kicks are finally back, and with a catchy number that I wasn't so keen on at first, but by the end of the song I was singing along without even realising. It's been just over a year since their last single, and each of the duo members have been attempting solo careers, having released music under stage names. Finally they have come back together to create this fresh new sound that has got me caught up in their little trap. Rizzle Kicks return a bit later than never, with many loved references in this visual video where they dress up as characters, proving they're always late in this music video for Always Late.

Rizzle Kicks consist of Jordan Stephens (Rizzle) and Harley Alexander-Sule (Sylvester). They hit international fame with "Mama Do The Hump" which is still my most viewed music video review. As previously mentioned they have gone off to have solo careers since their last single. Jordan Stephens has been releasing music under the stage name Wildhood, where he has released a debut EP and two singles. As for Harley Alexander-Sule, he has been using the stage name Jimi Charles Moody, with various singles released, some songs of which have been used for advertisements. Clearly these two will always be in the music industry, but they are definitely better together, especially since they get successful chart hits as a duo. This song was written by Jordan Stephens, Harley Alexander-Sule and Sky Adams.

Directed by Toby Lockerbie, the duo dress up as loved characters in this music video. At the start they play the White Rabbit and Time from Alice Through The Looking Glass, which instantly made me think it was a soundtrack song for the film, but guess that's reserved for P!nk's awesome song "Just Like Fire". This isn't the first Rizzle Kicks music video to have a Alice In Wonderland theme, "Dreamers" also had a similar theme too.

The song has various references throughout, hence why one appears as Luigi in the video, they mention Men in Black, where they end up dressed in suits in the back of a car. There's many scenes where they lyrics are literally translated into a visual for the video.

Performance wise, Rizzle Kicks are on form as always, their relaxed raping works perfectly and settles in the viewers. The harmonies kick off perfectly during the chorus, creating this infectious sound. Rizzle Kicks are back, yet they're always late, they need to up their game and be on time to be current once again.
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