Big Brovaz - Favourite Things

21 July Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Not long until Big Brovaz, along with S Club and Booty Luv, will perform at The Nightingale Club in Birmingham, which I am totally excited for. This song is their biggest hit to date, and although I believe they could make a brilliant comeback if they tried, since this style of music is totally missing from the charts, especially since they were the gap in the music industry, and they totally still are; I doubt they will be reforming officially. So we are left to relive the good old days with their amazing singles! Big Brovaz ride a carousel as they describe their favourite things, what they want from a guy, and don't we all want expensive things?

Big Brovaz were a six piece band that consisted of Cherise Roberts, Nadia Shepherd, Dion Howell, John Paul Horsley (J-Rock), Tayo Aisida (Flawless) and Randy Jackson. They had various hits, but this is the one song that hit number two, just missing out on the top spot. The song is based upon the musical song "My Favourite Things" from The Sound of Music. In the original, Julie Andrews sings about simple things, whereas this one focuses on glamorous and expensive things, that the girls want. The song was written by Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II, Cherise Roberts, Nadia Shepherd, John Paul Horsley, Dion Howell and Randy Jackson.

The music video has a Victorian freakshow vibe to it, that doesn't really fit with the whole song, unless you part relate it to the fact that back then guys had to court girls, and they had to buy them expensive things, to take them out etc.

They don't do much, apart from dance, ride the carousel and they have a slight performance piece.

I am unsure of the meaning behind the masks, but they definitely freak me out.

I would love a guy to court me, to buy me expensive things. Maybe I'm expecting too much nowadays. This music video is engaging and interesting, yet it's quite weird and scary. It fails to exactly relate, they could've worked with something so much better, and there's not a lot going on. This song was fire, but the video doesn't live up to it. Compared to "Nu Flow", this falls completely, and even though it was their biggest chart hit, it might have started their downfall.
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