Booty Luv - Don't Mess With My Man

20 July Critic Jonni 0 Comments

As you can probably imagine, I literally cannot wait to see these live on 30 July. It's so close now, my childhood dreams will be coming true. This song is the sassy number that I loved. Booty Luv were releasing hit after hit after hit, unfortunately a second album never emerged, even though songs were released. This was their third single. Booty Luv attends an exclusive club, with their men. They add sassiness whilst on stage, as they watch their doppelgangers go after their boys. They soon see them off, don't mess with my man.

Booty Luv were created after the split of Big Brovaz. Consisting of Nadia Shepherd and Cherise Roberts, they covered some known songs and made them into club current hits, that slayed the dancefloors. This song is a cover of Lucy Pearl's song of the same name "Don't Mess With My Man". This version out-performed the original, chart wise. It was written by Raphael Saadiq, Dawn Robinson and Ali Shaheed Muhammad.

This music video, has a narrative with a performance piece enrolled within. Set inside a club, the girls play doppelgangers in this relatable but tongue-in-cheek music video.

This is classy, sexy, stylish, and over the top but in such a good and exciting way.

The narrative, follows Booty Luv as they attend a club, where they end up performing this song, leaving their men to watch in the crowd.

Then their counter-parts sneak into the club, they are dressed as if they have money but can't really afford anything, they're totally cheap.

They create a normal havoc, we've all been there, wanting to get drunk, wanting to be in the spotlight dancing on the tables and wanting the hottest guys to fall for us. But they're always taken aren't they?

This seems to be the case, and the girls come off their stage and soon see their doppelgangers thrown out of the club. In the last scene, the younger Booty Luv are sitting outside of a take-away, on the side of the curb, eating away. Definitely bringing back memories.

Overall, this fast-paced music video is definitely impressive considering their previous two singles "Boogie 2nite" and "Shine". I remember watching it repeatedly on the music channels, as the narrative was comedic. Although this video is dated, it is probably one of their best music videos. I literally can't wait to hear this song live.
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