Katy Perry - This Is How We Do

09 July Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This was playing on my iTunes today, which I have on shuffle, and it's been stuck in my head whilst at work, so thought I'd review the music video as we await her new album, which she is currently working on. It's been two years since this video dropped and it's still a lot to take in. This is how we do according to Katy Perry, this is how you do a studio-based music video, totally knocking it out of the park with this performance piece.

Katy Perry, real name Katheryn Hudson, hasn't released anything new since this song almost two years ago. She started in the music industry under her real name Katy Hudson back in 2001, but changed her stage name to Katy Perry to prevent confusion between her and the actress Kate Hudson. We are waiting patiently for her new music, which has been a long time coming for any KatyCat, or Katy Perry fan, Katy Perry has been a little bit busy, she recently became the most followed celebrity on Twitter, amassing 90.3 million followers. Her most recent single, this one, was written by Katy Perry, Klas Åhlund and Max Martin.

The video was directed by New Zealand filmmaker Joel Kefali. Relating to the song perfectly in this summer hit of 2014, adding in pop culture and exact translation into visual during lyrics, this is how you pull off a studio-based music video.

There's literally so much going on that even to document every minute detail, you're bound to miss something.

Twerking ice creams, pizza nails, Yves Saint Laurent's Mondrian dresses, Mariah Carey caricature, picture of Aretha Franklin, pop art to the max, karaoke, dancing, table tennis, this music video has it all.

The explosion of summery stuff in a studio-based music video makes this video tongue-in-cheek and so addicting. It matches the song's beat and style, and totally worked! Each lyric of the song has it's own 'vignette' according to the director.

However the song didn't perform well on the charts, despite the catchy tune and perfect music video. It isn't really a commercial song, too bubble-gum pop that would've really worked years and years ago, and although it attempted to make a comeback, it didn't impact the charts the way it should've done. However this will always become one of Katy Perry's classic tracks that we all know and love even if the charts say differently.
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