Alexandra Stan Featuring Carlprit - 1.000.000

25 August Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This was the collaboration that would've got Alexandra Stan back on form, or so we all thought, yet it was promoted slightly in the UK before she parted with 3beat records, this could've been a hit, but instead featured as a bonus track on "Lemonade". Alexandra Stan turns to the street in this performance-based video with Carlprit for "1.000.000" which features a bird cage and lots of glitter, but have we seen it all before?

Alexandra Stan had to be my revisit this week, since none of the other artists from this week have been going long enough. This was one of her early songs from her first album. Unfortunately, it was the start of her decline in the international music world. However, she continues to release music, as I'm sure you are well aware, since I continue to support her on my blog. She just needs worldwide promotion, because she definitely has the voice for it. Featuring on this track is Carlprit, real name Rudi Schwamborn, mostly known for the UK number one feature on Cascada's "Evacuate The Dancefloor", since then he has gone on to feature on many singles as well as released his own music that has been received well. This song was written by André Nemirschi, Marcel Prodan and Marcian Alin Soare.

The mirrored box is back, and is usually seen in various music videos and commercials as well as advertisements, and maybe some other art pieces. Not only that, but there is also a bird cage... What is with bird cages recently?

The glitter scene was a surprise, although considering her management at the time and what she went on to do still under the said management, it's still shouldn't surprise me. Luckily she's away from them now, and on to much brighter and better things.

Carlprit is actually a great addition to this video, and it's great to see him take an active role in the performance side of this music video. With only Alexandra Stan to keep him occupied, it's no wonder he shines better than in other videos I've seen him in.

Overall this is a great performance piece from both of these artists. Although more could have been done to relate the content of the song, it's both interesting and engaging nonetheless. I just wish Alexandra Stan was more worldly known, but I guess it's all down to her fans.
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