New Release: Alexandra Stan - Boom Pop

26 August Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I wasn't even aware that this was going to become an actual single, especially since this is only an online video, and so in theory I'm breaking my own rules, however it was released, and I'm a big fan of Alexandra Stan, so why not write another review about one of her songs this week? This song has been taken from her album Alesta and none of her fans was really expecting a single release on top of this video. Alexandra Stan invites us to her home town of Constanţa, Romania as she sings, dances and hangs with her crew and her boyfriend Staruiala Bogdan in online video for "Boom Pow".

Alexandra Stan has really came into her own with her last two recent albums, Unlocked and Alesta really showcases her as an incredible artist. Unfortunately she had worldwide career success early on with "Mr. Saxobeat", yet less promotion on her follow-up singles had a massive impact on her. Now she's hitting out the tunes and only her fans are hearing her. It may feel more exclusive to us, especially since this video was only released because of us, and yet this is a singer that deserves to be heard globally. The song was written by David Ciente and Trey Campbell.

Directed by iRonic Distors, this video was only released after Alexandra Stan encouraged fans to watch "Ecoute" on YouTube and get the view count up to 10 million. This single has not been released in the UK as of yet, hence why I haven't reviewed the music video, but now I'm thinking it never will be.

The two scenes are quite different from one another, As explained in my CelebMix article I wrote on Friday, the home town online video is relaxed and calm. It's totally nice to see Alexandra Stan happy to just be performing. This video only intensifies my desire to see her live.

There's not much to say about this. She's quite comical, and at times she gives an insight of her personality away from the camera, which we constantly see on her Snapchat stories. This video may not have a high-end budget, it may not have the best camera work, those low-angle shots does nothing for me; but it's probably one of most real videos, and I can't help but appreciate the rawness of it.
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