Alexandra Stan - Cliché (Hush Hush)

August 20, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

The song that was never released officially in the UK, and definitely one of my favourites. This could definitely have been a big hit for her in the UK, if it had been officially released and fully promoted. This was possibly her first bubble gum pop song before the catchy "Cherry Pop" came along. All bright colours with a great emotional narrative and perfect choreography, nailed to a tee "Cliché (Hush Hush)" will always be unnoticed as one of Alexandra Stan's best contributions to pop music.

Alexandra Stan is one of the leading female vocalists coming out of Romania, and she is conquering the world one song at a time. Having started off with a very successful career, promotion for follow-up singles after "Mr. Saxobeat" slowed. Then she had a problem with her then manager and now ex-boyfriend. And now she's ready to make a fierce comeback. Her fans have stuck with her throughout, now she just needs to build up a world-wide following and storm the charts globally. This song should've been a worldwide hit, unfortunately this only was released in selected countries. It was written by Andrei Nemirschi and Marcel Prodan.

This music video, directed by Iulian Moga, pushes the boundaries of what we know of Alexandra Stan, proving that she is meant to be a star.

Acting, dancing, singing and being sexy can be found throughout this video. At the start Alexandra Stan flirts with a photographer in a black and white scene. It later turns to full colour where she is in a bright pink dress and is dancing to the chorus.

The choreography in this scene is well-thought out and Alexandra Stan performs like never before, in-sync with her dancers, doing the moves exactly how they should be done.

Three more scenes follow, one in a church which is a vampire-loved up freaky show that fails to relate and totally looks out of place in this video. Then there's her singing the song on a coach, a total normal performance scene we're used to seeing in every video, yet highly sexualised which Alexandra Stan pulls off perfectly. And, finally, the S&M scene where Alexandra Stan plays around with a whip in front of the photographer. The ending is cute as they dance together, with his shirt unbuttoned.

This video has got it all, and really shows Alexandra Stan in a great light. This is one of her best music videos, without a doubt, and yet there's a few scenes that don't correlate with the song. Not only that, but this amazing single never made it to the UK officially, luckily for us, the hardcore Saxobeats (Alexandra Stan's fans), the single can be downloaded from Juno Download.
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