New Release: Mollie King - Back To You

August 19, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

WOW! The Saturdays are killing it, first Vanessa White, and now Mollie King. If this is what they bring to the music scene as solo artists, imagine what they will bring when The Saturdays come off hiatus... And they need to at some point because we are all missing The Saturdays. Surpassing all expectations, Mollie King has blasted out with an amazing song which is effortlessly catchy and has a stunning video to accompany it. Mollie King rewinds into the arms of her lover, constantly going back to him in this video for "Back To You".

Mollie King, one fifth of The Saturdays, who are currently on hiatus. released her debut single this week. We were all expecting some old Britney Spears sort of song, but instead we have a similar Ellie Goulding track which is very reminiscent of "On My Mind", and yet less repetitive and a hell of a lot more emotional. This stunning new single has totally got me excited for her debut album. Before The Saturdays, Mollie King entered The X Factor twice as a solo act, and then a third time in a girl group called Fallen Angelz. Now look at what Simon Cowell has missed out on! The song was written by Mollie King, Ryan Ogren, Nick Bailey and Rob Persaud.

Directed by Lisa Gunning, this music video is amazing. Well crafted, well thought-out and extremely well edited. It's completely relatable and definitely works well.

The video starts off with a car on the ledge of a cliff, with Mollie King singing the opening lines beside a campfire. Then the unthinkable happens and she starts to walk backwards to the house, like going back to the memories she's has with her lover.

The male actor's name is unknown, so feel free to comment below telling me who it is. We watch their relationship unfold. The good times and the bad, where she ends up going back to him.

This video is technically great, she even sings the song backwards as she walks backwards so that they can sync the lyrics to her lips, this makes it slightly dodgy in places, yet I didn't really notice as much as others have stated. If there's one thing you have to admit, it's that they worked well on making this video.

The ending is sweet although completely dangerous and is he really worth it? Stop going back to him Mollie King, you deserve someone much better. The song is thought to have been about David Gandy, who she recently split with, plus the love interest looks quite like him to be fair.

A powerful debut single from this girl, and a stunning video that I can't stop watching. The only thing we feel sad about is that it doesn't look like The Saturdays will be returning any time soon... But if they all go solo with amazing music like this, then we'll end up supporting them all. Amazing debut solo single, bring on her debut album!
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