Britney Spears - Womanizer

August 11, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I actually can't believe I haven't reviewed this music video yet. So lets make amends on my blog. I chose the director's cut, since it isn't much different from the original release, just less steam and more nakedness, but nothing too profound. For my Thursday Revisit, after watching "Make Me...", this is how you do a first single music video of a new album. "Make Me..." isn't a typical Britney Spears music video, THIS IS! This put Britney Spears back where she belonged, it was her name on everyone's lips, "Make Me..." just hasn't done that. Britney shows her man who's boss and proves that he is a womanizer. You don't mess with Britney Spears and get away with it!

Britney Spears is one of the biggest stars around and she is still releasing music, although you may not know it since she hasn't been hitting the charts hard recently. Believe it or not, she has never had a UK number one album, and unless she pulls something out of the bag, her latest album 'Glory', which is set to release at the end of the month, is just not going to get to the top. Especially after the fiasco of "Make Me...". This song, however, should've got to number one. Instead it settled at number three behind Leona Lewis' "Run" and Take That's "Greatest Day". It was the first single to be taken from her 'Circus' album, which got to number four. Could she turn things around? It looks doubtful, although her instant grat singles aren't doing so badly. Womanizer was written by Nikeshia Briscoe and Rafael Akinyemi.

Directed by Joseph Kahn, he strikes again, this music video is fire! We expect nothing less of him nowadays. Britney Spears' love interest is male actor Brandon Stoughton.

This is a Britney video! Narration with a performance piece set throughout. She shows how brave she is in the sauna, proving to the world that she hasn't put weight on and that she is totally healthy once again. This single will always be my mark to Britney being back and healthy again.

Throughout the video, we see Britney in disguise, much like "Toxic", with a few references to the previous video, this almost works as a follow-up, not quite though.

She's seen as a receptionist, a waitress and a chauffeur. Proving to herself and her boyfriend that he is a womanizer and that he gets up to all things when Britney Spears is not around. So at the end she gets her revenge and magically makes him disappear.

The dancing is stiff and not so flawless as we're used to from Britney Spears, regardless there's dancing, which is more than what can be said about new music video for "Make Me...".

Extremely stylish and fashion-based for 2008, it proves that Britney Spears is on form and knows what she wants. And it certainly isn't womanizer: Brandon Stoughton.

Brandon Stoughton is gorgeously sexy, he is one fine on-screen boyfriend, visual-wise, and definitely the perfect fit for a womanizer, he just has that look about him. Brilliant acting from him, he makes it seem so real, whilst Britney Spears is perfect as always.

This music video is amazing, everything is thought of, every detail, every outfit, every style, and every scene. Britney Spears' dancing might be slightly off in the video, but we know she's back on form right now at her Las Vegas residency. If only I could fly out and go and see her.
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