Chart Mondays: Calum Scott - Dancing On My Own

29 August Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Still at the top is Major Lazer's "Cold Water" which features Justin Bieber and MØ; it still has no music video. So the UK top ten is open for my Chart Mondays review and there's only two songs I can choose from... One is expected to hit the top of the charts this Friday, and so I have to go with this one! Calum Scott found fame from Britain's Got Talent, in which he auditioned with this song, now he has released it and it has been solidly charting in the top ten week on week. Strong throughout, this music video looks lifeless as it purely focuses on Calum Scott's amazing vocals on cover single "Dancing On My Own".

Calum Scott took part in the ninth series of Britain's Got Talent, and even auditioned with this song. He made it all the way to the final, where he came sixth overall. He went on to score a record deal with Capitol records back in May. This song is a cover version of Robyn's song of the same name. It was originally independently released back in March, and after the song gained momentum on the charts, it was re-released under his new record label. The song has been a chart success because of his amazing vocals and managing to change the lyrics into an emotional ballad. It was written by Robyn and Patrik Berger.

Directed by Ryan Pallotta, this simple music video has hardly anything going for it, totally focusing on Calum Scott's voice and visual.

There is a slight narrative involved, yet it never fully develops into anything. They find each other in the crowd, and it's obvious that they want to be together. Which is totally confusing because it's not at all relatable to the song.

Regardless of whether this is Calum Scott's emotional ballad or Robyn's upbeat club track, this so called story line does not fit with the song whatsoever. Whether there was a developed narrative, that got cut, is something we may never know.

As for Calum Scott's performance segment, it's very static, as was the guidelines for this music video; yet he can perform on stage, we saw it during Britain's Got Talent but he's just standing there amongst the crowd, and occasionally it looks like we're playing Where's Walley, or should I say Where's Calum?

This is not fully developed, like what are they staring at? Why are they there? This music video makes no sense to me, and although some things are explored, it fails to relate and it fails to promote Calum Scott all that much. So many questions with no answers and a video that doesn't make a lot of sense.
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