Jason Derulo - Want To Want Me

30 August Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This is the steamy music video everyone was talking about back when this song hit number one last year. He has definitely come a long way and made quite the name for himself. Jason Derulo is definitely one of the hottest R&B singers about at the moment, and I don't just mean in looks. He's pulling in some serious chart numbers and hit singles dropping left right and centre. Heard this song on the radio today, hence why I'm reviewing the music video for it, because I'm surprised I haven't already. Jason Derulo gets all loved up in this video, hoping this girl wants him as much as he wants her. "Want To Want Me" is sexy, super hot and quite naughty but in a totally good relatable way.

Jason Derulo, real name Jason Desrouleaux, recently released his first greatest hits album titled 'Platinum Hits' earlier this year, but with very little promotion it didn't fare so well on the charts globally. He needs a full on promotional release behind him, this has always helped him have worldwide hits like this one. This single stayed at number one for four weeks in the UK. The song was written by Jason Desrouleaux, Ian Kirkpatrick, Samuel Denison Martin, Lindy Robbins and Mitch Allan. It was planned to be a Chris Brown song, but he felt it didn't fit with his album 'X', instead he is known as a co-ghostwriter of the song.

The music video was directed by Colin Tilley, and features actress and glamour model Tianna Gregory as Jason Derulo's love interest. This director has worked with the biggest stars, and directed some of the best music videos, so it's no surprise that this is so amazing.

This music video has it all, a relatable sexy narrative, a performance like no other, and to complete the package there's Jason Derulo naked on a bed with just a sheet. What more do we want?

The song is about wanting someone to want you, and I love the start, where they're in two separate beds and you know they are thinking of each other.

We travel into the past and see what happened, and it's clear that a one night stand; a night of passion, is what happened between them, and now they're both lonely in their own beds wondering if it should've been more.

The performance side of the video is on form throughout. Jason Derulo has stage presence like no other, he is a performer, most definitely, and this is probably one of the main reasons why he has done so well for himself in the music industry.

Overall this music video is totally faultless, but that is what we're slowly getting used to when Colin Tilley is the director. Fully detailed and relatable this music video has it all going on.
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