Matoma & Becky Hill - False Alarm

August 13, 2016 Critic Jonni 5 Comments

False Alarm - Matoma & Becky Hill |

This is all so cute, definitely not a false alarm, their love for each other is sweet and lovely, and yet there's is alarm bells going off. This is definitely one of my favourite new songs this year, and Becky Hill has been the one to watch for a few years now, but she has really come into her own this year. Matoma and Becky Hill don't star in this music video for False Alarm, however her vocals are perfection as we watch a couple's loving relationship.

Matoma, real name Tom Lagergren, is a DJ from Norway, who has been going for a number of years and is currently working on an album, which this single will be a part of. He is respected within the music industry, having remixed many songs from Eminem to Enrique Iglesias. This song with Becky Hill proves that his debut album will be a must-hear. Becky Hill is also a part of this song, her vocals have always captured me ever since she appeared on The Voice UK series one, and although she waited many years to push aside The Voice UK as it definitely comes with a stigma, she has really proven herself as an amazing vocalist and she is now the biggest contestant to come out of the singing contest. We are all hoping that there is an album around the corner. This song is effortlessly catchy and was written by Daniel Davidsen, Mich Hansen, Peter Wallevik, James Newman, Kara DioGuardi, Rebecca Claire Hill & Tom Stræte Lagergren.

Directed by Samy Mosher, this very visualised music video really captures the essence of young love that's everlasting. These two are clearly meant to be together, and if the actors aren't then they are amazing at what they do because it comes across so real.

Their experiences take a turn for the worse as scenes turn into a hospital setting where the guy is being assessed for quarantine. After a bit of confusion as to why, we later find out that a burning sensation flows down his veins and fire spurts out of his palms.

Taking some of the lyrics literal, this is a great translation of the song especially from the chorus where Becky Hill sings:
"I'm dancing in flames, I ain't scared of the blaze, Don't rescue me, And now I'm burning in your arms, Endless fire in my heart, No it's not a false alarm."
Overall, a fire song that deserves to rank up the official UK charts, and a visual translated music video that is definitely full of flames and connections. Kind of quirky and different, and surely stands out on the music channels. This unnatural idea is totally developed and is quite stunning, in more ways than one.
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  1. I agree!! What's the actors name tho? 😍

  2. I agree!! What's the actors name tho? 😍

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  4. Yeah, who are the actors in the video?